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6 Common Condom Mistakes You Might Be Making

Yes, condom needs to be used the right way to ensure effectiveness. Take a look.

6 Common Condom Mistakes You Might Be Making

Condoms are effective 97% time ONLY if they are put on properly


  1. Condoms are your guard against STDs and pregnancy
  2. Condoms are effective 97% time only if they are put on properly
  3. Each time the genitals are in contact, a condom should be present

'We did use protection, then how come she conceived?'

This is that one single question that most couples ask when an unexpected pregnancy takes place. Yes, the fact that condoms are effective only 97% of times is there; there can still be chances that these problems occurred due to improper use of condoms. Not only pregnancy, condoms are your guard against STDs as well. But what's the point of using them if you do not know how to use them? Research shows three in four men are making condom mistakes.

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Take a look at these condom mistakes you might be making in bed:

1. Failing to check if it is damaged or not

So you're up for the night of your life for your partner. Excited you visit a pharmacy to get condoms and stuff them in your pocket in haste. In a hurry, you forget to check if they are damaged or not. Well, this is where the trouble may begin for you. You may just wear a torn or expired condom which you may get the results of soon.

2. Putting it on mid-way

Okay, so you get under the sheets with your partner and feel that you are about to ejaculate. Then you take a pause to put on the condom. This is one of the biggest mistakes you would do. Pre-come may even take place and become the reason for that unwanted pregnancy and even transmission of an STD.

3. Not wearing it properly

Condoms are effective 97% time ONLY if they are put on properly. So buddies when you put that bad boy on, remember to squeeze the nipple-like bit on the front. Doing this will prevent the condom from tearing mid-way.

4. Taking it off before you're done

So you may feel like just taking it off towards the end before you're done. Don't do that! Keep this in mind, each time the genitals are in contact, a condom should be present.

5. Not waiting for the erection

One of the very important points of wearing a condom is wearing it correctly. Always wait for the erection to take place and then wear the condom. This way you will be able to put the condom on properly.

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6. Pairing it with oil-based lubricants

When it comes to sex, the wetter the better!

Oil-based lubricants are a big 'no no' from our end. That's because they can actually eat away your condom and break it. If you really need to use a lubricant, go for an oil-based one instead.

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Wait, take a breath, read and educate yourself about the right way of using a condom!


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