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Worried About Your Skin Health During Pregnancy? Dermatologist Shares Tips

The key is to not stress too much about your skincare, the expert said.

Worried About Your Skin Health During Pregnancy? Dermatologist Shares Tips

Skincare tips: Eat a healthy diet and stay stress-free during pregnancy


  1. Pregnancy is delicate phase for the mother and the baby
  2. Stay stress-free during pregnancy
  3. Take note of these skincare tips during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful yet daunting time. Mothers-to-be have a lot to take care of, from the number of hours they sleep to what they are putting into their body during meals. However, one area they tend to neglect is their skincare. Moreover, when it comes to skincare and haircare, moms-to-be are often concerned about the safety of certain products. Is it safe to use skincare or makeup products that contain parabens and sulfates during the gestation period? This is a valid concern that several women have during pregnancy. Now, dermatologist Dr Kiran Sethi has offered some much-needed advice to new moms on what skincare products they can use.

Pregnancy skincare routine

Sharing a video on Instagram, Dr Kiran Sethi addresses the concerns of most mothers as to whether if it is safe to use products that contain chemicals such as paraben.  "Skin acts as a barrier to stop dirt and pollution from getting absorbed into the body," she said, adding that this is also why many products fail to solve pigmentation issues. "These items cannot penetrate into the skin," she said. Dr Kiran Sethi advises that it is okay to use a product with chemicals once in a while as it does not get absorbed into your body as the skin is a strong protective layer. "Don't worry," she stressed.

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Watch the full video here:

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Earlier, the dermatologist had recommended some effective and easy solutions to take care of your skin during pregnancy. The most important aspect of efficient skincare is a healthy and nutritious diet, the expert said. During pregnancy, women experience a number of symptoms from rashes to acne, dullness, and pigmentation all of which can be taken care of through simple and easy solutions. Eating wholesome and healthy meals, proper sleep and rest, drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated as well as light exercises, such as walking, every day is important, Dr Kiran added.  

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