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Post-Pregnancy Diet For Working Women: Do Not Miss These Tips

Post-pregnancy diet: To maintain your health post pregnancy while also ensuring that you are passing on adequate nutrition to your newborn, here are a few diet tips for every working woman.

Post-Pregnancy Diet For Working Women: Do Not Miss These Tips

Know post-pregnancy diet tips for working women


  1. Healthy diet is extremely important to feed your newborn properly
  2. Consume a healthy and nutritious diet
  3. Here are some diet tips for new mothers

A woman goes through many physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and after giving birth to the child. She also learns how to take care of the baby. At the same time, for working women, a smooth return to their work is of essence. If you are juggling the responsibilities of work life along with new motherhood, it is all the more important that you take extra care of your diet and nutrition. In the crucial postpartum period, since the new mother also has to nourish her child through breastfeeding, maintaining her own health can be tricky for a woman alongside the responsibilities of her career.

To maintain your health post pregnancy while also ensuring that you are passing on adequate nutrition to your newborn, here are a few diet tips for every working woman.

Post-pregnancy diet tips

1. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and cereals on your plate:

Take in as much fresh fruit and vegetables as you can. One simple rule of thumb is to fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables like spinach and saag and the remaining with whole grains like brown rice, oats, whole wheat bread or chapatis, etc.


Eat healthy to ensure better proper intake of every essential nutrient
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2. Increase the intake of milk and dairy products

The intake of milk and dairy products after pregnancy should be kept high as they provide the body with calcium which is necessary for new mothers. Include more yoghurt and paneer in your diet. Choose low-fat or fat-free dairy to keep your intake healthy.

3. Add more protein

Your daily diet must include at least five portions of protein. Choose protein sources such as fish, rajma, mung sprouts, arhar dal, whole grains, pulses nuts, egg whites, lean meat like chicken and fish, etc. which will also give you more energy.

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4. Keep away from junk food

The temptation to eat something from the junk food on offer from the office canteen can be extremely high. But as a new mother, you need to be extra cautious and avoid foods high in sodium, fried foods and junk food. Opt for a salad or something healthy, home-cooked instead.


Say good bye to junk food for better development of your child
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5. Continue to eat foods rich in iron and folic acid

As in your pregnancy, after delivery too, you need to continue to keep the levels of iron and folic acid in your diet high. Consume more red meat, tomatoes, amla, sprouts, beans, nuts, berries, figs, munacca (dried dates), jaggery, organ meat, beetroot, bhindi, carrots, and chicken. A supplement can also be taken after consultation to meet the dietary requirements of iron and folic acid.

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6. Restrict your caffeine intake

Caffeine in coffee, certain carbonated drinks and alcohol must be kept at a minimum post pregnancy as it can affect the child you are breastfeeding. If you are struggling to stay awake and focus on work, as is common with all new parents, try an apple or a handful of almonds, cashews and raisins instead of a cup of coffee.

7. Avoid dieting

It is a common wish for new mothers to want to lose the extra weight they have gained during pregnancy as soon as possible after delivery. However, you need to eat a balanced diet in the first few months as you are also feeding your child. With a sustained diet with adequate nutrition, exercise and enough rest, once your body recovers its lost energy, you can focus on losing weight in a healthy manner. Consult your dietician to come up with a balanced diet plan which not only helps in managing your nutritional requirements but also helps prevent you gaining weight during this recovery period.

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Your body needs fuel post pregnancy to sustain you as you take on the challenges of motherhood with your work. This will come from a balanced diet which will help you stay on your toes without taking a toll on your body as you fulfill all your roles successfully.

(Dr. Richa Srivastava, Consultant - Dietetics and Nutrition, Motherland Hospital)

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