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Depression During Pregnancy Can Affect Your Baby's Immunity; Here's How You Can Fight This

Your body goes through several changes during pregnancy. Many also experience depression during pregnancy. A pregnant woman should not ignore the signs and symptoms of depression.

Depression During Pregnancy Can Affect Your Babys Immunity; Heres How You Can Fight This

Depression during pregnancy can affect child's growth


  1. Pregnancy can give you mood swings
  2. You may also experience depression during pregnancy
  3. Depression can also affect the immunity of the unborn child

A woman's health affects the development and growth of the baby. Pregnancy is a very delicate phase during which a woman has to follow several precautions. A healthy diet plays an important role for the growth of the baby. A pregnant woman is advised to consume all the necessary nutrients. There are some foods which should be avoided strictly during pregnancy. A restricted amount of physical activity is also advised during pregnancy. Do you know mental health of a pregnant woman can also affect the unborn child? Depression during pregnancy is linked with the immunity of the baby.

Harmful effect of depression during pregnancy

Depression is a mental issue that can affect the mood of an individual. It can affect the health of an individual. One may also feel difficulty in completing day to day tasks. According to a recent study, a women's mental health during the stage of pregnancy will have a direct influence on the development of the growing child's immune system.


Depression during pregnancy can affect your eating habits
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The study conducted by pediatric researchers at the University of Alberta mothers who reported symptoms of depression during their third trimester, or persistently before and after the birth, were twice as likely to have babies with the lowest levels of immunoglobulin A in their gut. The study also highlighted that pregnant women need mental health support for a healthy baby.

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How to fight depression during pregnancy?

If you are experiencing depression during pregnancy, you are not alone. It is quite common during pregnancy. But it should not be left untreated. If you are depressed during pregnancy, you may not feel the need to eat which can restrict the child from receiving the right nutrients.


Light exercise and yoga can help treat depression
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If you experience symptoms of depression like you are feeling too anxious about the baby, you may not enjoy every activity, low self-esteem or even suicidal thoughts at times. If you experience any such symptoms, you should seek medical help immediately. It is beneficial for you and your baby as well. Eat a healthy diet and try exercises which are safe during pregnancy.

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