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Depression Symptoms And Metabolism: Study Reveals Surprising Link

The symptoms of depression should not be ignored. Read here to understand symptom of depression and the findings of the recent study that elaborates on the signs of depression.

Depression Symptoms And Metabolism: Study Reveals Surprising Link

You metabolism may help predict major depressive disorders, says study


  1. Depression is a serious mental disorder that needs medical help
  2. A healthy lifestyle can help control depression symptoms
  3. Exercising regularly helps fight depression symptoms effectively

Depression is a serious mental health condition that affects several individuals in today's time. It is different from sadness and affects your day to day activities. If left untreated, the symptoms of depression may last for a long period. Many tend to ignore symptoms of depression which further leads to severe outcomes. Some of these symptoms include lack of interest in activities you usually enjoy, anxiety, constant fatigue, frequent changes in mood, changes in appetite and more. According to a recent study, your metabolism is also linked with depression. It may help predict major depressive disorders.

Metabolism and depression: Here's the link

The study which was published online in translational Psychiatry recruited 68 subjects (45 females, 23 males) with rMDD who were in antidepressant-free remission and 59 age- and gender-matched controls. After collecting blood from patients who were in remission, the patients were followed prospectively for two-and-a-half years.

Results showed that a metabolic signature found when patients were well could predict which patients were most likely to relapse up to two-and-a-half years in the future. The accuracy of this prediction was more than 90 per cent. Analysis of the most predictive chemicals found they belong to certain kinds of lipids (fats that included eicosanoids and sphingolipids) and purines.

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The study concludes that the use of metabolomics, the biological study of metabolites could be a new tool for predicting which patients are most vulnerable to a recurrence of depressive symptoms.


Depression can make it hard to complete day to day activities efficiently
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Depression symptoms and when to seek help

As mentioned earlier, the symptoms of depression can affect more than your mood. Before the earlier mentioned symptoms worsen it is important to seek medical help on time. Simple modifications in diet and lifestyle can also help you manage depression symptoms effectively. Some of these include-

  • Regular exercise is beneficial for your mental as well as physical health. It helps release happy hormones.
  • Eating a healthy diet also promotes your mental well-being.
  • Talk to your loved ones. It will help you share your emotions and reduce stress.
  • Spend time in activities you love. Play with your dog, dance to your favourite tunes, draw or doodle. These will keep your mind in a happy state.
  • A good night sleep also helps give a boost to your mental health. Ensure a good night's sleep for almost 8 hours.

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Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Seek help from an expert if required on time.

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