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Smoking: Nicotine Replacement Therapy - The Right Way To Quit

Quitting smoking isn't easy, and it won't happen overnight, but the process isn't impossible. The journey will be challenging but will undoubtedly be rewarding once you enjoy the benefits of a smoke-free life.

Smoking: Nicotine Replacement Therapy - The Right Way To Quit

Nicotine replacement therapy is a non-intrusive way to quit smoking


  1. Nicotine replacement therapy can be effective in quitting smoking
  2. Nicotine patches are a part of NRT
  3. They can help you quit with lesser withdrawal symptoms

'Giving up smoking is the easiest thing to do. I've done it several times.' Today, it's impossible to be unaware of the problems associated with smoking. Every smoker knows the risks of heart ailments, cancer, stroke, and a plethora of other issues. However, despite this, quitting smoking is something that every smoker struggles with. Whether it's that one cigarette after work, or the other with your friends, the damage is done, and you have introduced your body to nicotine.

And therein lies the biggest concern. Nicotine creates those cravings despite your brain being constantly aware of why you shouldn't smoke. Most people who try and fail to quit have similar reports:

  • I am too stressed,
  • I need it when I'm socialising
  • I can't function after lunch without my cigarette

These 'reasons' are in actuality the manifestation of your nicotine addiction. As soon as you attempt to quit smoking, nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, irritability, anger, insomnia, hunger, or restlessness start kicking in. Nicotine creates an urge that you can't resist leading you back to your old habits. So is there a way to fight the urge to smoke cigarettes?

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Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT): The ideal solution to help you quit

If you are looking for a non-intrusive, seamless method to combat cravings and kick the habit, then NRTs are your best bet. Most people know of the nicotine gums, but they lack 100% effectiveness since they require the user to chew constantly which is not possible in every social setting. Moreover, gums do not sustain you through the day, and leave a lot of potential gaps for the vulnerable smoker to fall into, especially if they are heavy smokers.

A great alternative, and one that is constructed to afford round the clock support against nicotine cravings and withdrawal, is the nicotine patch. Simply put, a nicotine patch is a transdermal patch that releases nicotine in a measured dose through your skin, into your bloodstream and then to your brain. This nicotine delivered from the patch replaces the nicotine smokers are used to getting from their cigarettes. This means that they can stop smoking, without dealing with the intense physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms of giving up on cigarettes.

A nicotine patch regulates nicotine flow in one's body and provides a steady, sustained, and controlled nicotine flow throughout the day. While you continue to get a regular streamlined dose of the nicotine your body needs, you're also not exposed to tobacco's harmful effects, thereby making it one of the safest and reliable methods of quitting smoking.

The nicotine patch strength is decreased over time to let the user wean themselves off nicotine gradually. The nicotine patch therapy also prevents cravings through its 24-hr Smart Release Technology, which releases a measured dose of nicotine throughout the day.


Nicotine replacement therapy is an effective way to quit smoking
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Dosage and usage

A nicotine patch should be applied on a body part that is dry, clean and hairless, recommended areas are the upper chest, upper arm or back. Apply one patch on daily basis and change the application sites every day. It comes in different dosage strengths ranging from 7mg, 14mg, to 21mg. One can choose the starting strength depending on the no. of cigarettes they smoke per day. If you smoke over 20 cigarettes a day, start with the 21mg nicotine patch and if you smoke less that 20 cigarettes, start with the 14mg nicotine patch.

Nicotine patch with a holistic lifestyle

Although nicotine replacement therapy works effectively to reduce the urge to smoke, it is best to avoid smoking triggers. One of the best ways is to adopt a holistic lifestyle. Switch to a daily exercise regime and a nutritious diet, start pursuing hobbies that interest you and use your time productively.

Quitting isn't easy, and it won't happen overnight, but the process isn't impossible. The journey will be challenging but will undoubtedly be rewarding once you enjoy the benefits of a smoke-free life.

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(Malavika Kaura Saxena, Director - Domestic Marketing, Rusan Healthcare)

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