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World Health Day 2021: Cucumber Roll-Ups And Other Healthy Snacking Options For Effective Weight Loss

World Health Day: Summer killing your appetite already? Here are some healthy, weight loss-friendly snacking options you can bank on.

World Health Day 2021: Cucumber Roll-Ups And Other Healthy Snacking Options For Effective Weight Loss

World Health Day: Snack on foods rich in protein and fats for effective weight loss


  1. World Health Day: These cucumber roll-ups are rich in protein and fat
  2. They can be made quickly and easily
  3. They can be included in weight loss diet

World Health Day 2021: Every year on April 7, World Health Day is celebrated across the globe. On this special occasion, let's talk about the importance or healthy snacking and how it can help in improving your weight loss goals. Briefly speaking, the way you snack can make or break your weight loss goals. Ideally, the snacks you opt for should be filling enough to satisfy your mid-meal hunger pangs, but not so filling that it kills the appetite for your main meal.

World Health Day: Healthy snacking options

Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently took to Instagram to share the recipe of cucumber roll ups, a delicious healthy and low-carb snacking option that you can make at home.

Having snacks that are a rich in protein and fats are filling in nature. In summer, a snacking option like cucumber roll-ups can be helpful as the appetite goes for a toss. One often does not feel like eating or having a meal because of the heat, low energy levels, etc.

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"Summer kills appetite, here comes these cooling, crunchy cucumber roll ups to the rescue. So so so good! Ideal way to drown the lockdown sorrows away," writes Makhija in the caption of her post.

To make these cucumber roll ups, you need to slice a cucumber at its length as shown in the video below.

Now overlap these to create a layer, place them on tissue paper and also dab from the surface in order to take out the excess moisture. Take some hung curd and a little amount of sriracha sauce to it.

Put a very thin layer of the sauce over cucumber otherwise they will get too soggy. Use a protein of your choice: Chicken, paneer, tofu soy, etc. Add some sliced avocado (or any other fat source of your choice, like feta cheese) on the other end (watch the video). Sprinkle some sesame seeds on the avocado.

Roll this up horizontally, secure them with toothpicks and cut small roll-ups. Sprinkle some more sesame seeds and delicious cucumber roll-ups are ready.

Other healthy snacking options include: fruits, baked/boiled sweet potatoes, sprouts vegetable salad, egg whites, yogurt, khakra, nuts and seeds trail mix, etc.

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(Pooja Makhija is a nutritionist, dietitian and author)

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