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World Brain Tumor Day: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Brain Tumor

World Brain Tumor Day 2018: Causes of brain tumors are mostly unknown. Children who have got radiation in the head are at higher risks of developing brain tumors.

World Brain Tumor Day: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Of Brain Tumor

World Brain Tumor Day 2018 is celebrated every year on the 8th of June


  1. Brain tumors can be either cancerous or benign
  2. Brain tumor occurs because of abnormal mutation of cells in brain
  3. Symptoms of brain tumor include dizziness and headaches
World Brain Tumor Day 2018 is celebrated on June 8. The day is observed all across the world in order to raise awareness about brain tumor and how to deal with the condition in the most effective manner. On this World Brain Tumor Day, we talk about the causes, treatment and prevention of brain tumor and who all are most prone to the condition. Causes of brain tumors are mostly unknown. Children who have got radiation in the head are at higher risks of developing brain tumors as adults. Also, people with some rare genetic conditions are also at higher risks of brain tumors. Age is another risk factor of brain tumor. People between ages 65 and 79 are more likely to develop brain tumor. All brain tumors are not cancerous. The benign tumors are not aggressive and usually do not spread to other surrounding tissues. Primary brain tumor is the one which originates in the brain.

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What is a tumor?

A tumor is the tissue mass which is formed because of accumulation of abnormal cells. Usually, the body cells age, die and are then replaced by new cells. On the occurrence of cancer or other tumors, this cycle of ageing of cells and eventually dying is disrupted. Tumor cells grow even when the body doesn't need them. Unlike the cells which die normally, tumor cells don't die. These cells multiply and grow to form a mass of tumor.


Speaking of a primary brain tumor, it emerges from cells that make up the brain and central nervous system. Gliomas are the most common kinds of adult brain tumors. They are known as astrocytic tumors. Astrocytic tumor develop from astrocytes and other kinds of glial cells. Glial cells perform the function of keeping the nerves healthy.

Meningeal tumors are the second most common kinds of tumors. These tumors develop in meninges. Meninges are the thin tissue layer which covers the brain and spinal cord.

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What is the difference between cancerous and benign tumor?

Benign tumors are the non-cancerous tumors. Cancerous brain tumors originate in the brain and grow faster than benign tumors. They are more aggressive in nature and invade the surrounding tissue quite quickly. It is quite rare that brain cancer spread to other organs in the body. But they can spread to other parts of the brain or the central nervous system.

Benign brain tumors are not deeply rooted in the brain tissue. They have clearly defined borders. Surgical removal of benign tumours is comparatively easy as far as they are in that area of the brain which can be easily operated on. But the risk is the fact that despite their removal, benign brain tumors can come back. However, the chances of their recurrence are quite less.

Benign tumors in other parts of the body can cause problems. However, they are not considered to be a major health concern. Brain tumors can damage cells around them by causing inflammation and increasing pressure on the tissue under and around the brain.

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Symptoms of brain tumor in adults

Symptoms of brain tumor will depend on the kind of tumor and the location. This is because different areas of brain are responsible for different functions in the body. Some tumors show no symptoms until they are quite large. Once large, they cause a rapid and serious decline in health.

One common symptom of brain tumor is headaches. Headaches caused by tumor do not respond to remedies for headaches. But all headaches do not indicate brain tumors.


Headaches are common symptom of brain tumor
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Other symptoms of brain tumors include changes in speech or hearing, seizures, balancing problems, problems with walking, numbness or tingling in arms or legs, problems with memory, changes in vision and personality changes.

However, these symptoms can be caused because of a number of reasons. Before drawing conclusions, do check with your doctor to be sure about what is causing these symptoms.

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Brain tumor treatment

One of the first few treatments for brain tumor is surgery. If the tumor is located in a complicated position, their surgical removal might be difficult. Chemotherapy is required in such cases. Chemotherapy also helps in killing cancerous cells.

brain surgery

Brain tumors can be treated with surgeries
Photo Credit: iStock

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