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These Are By Far The Best Exercises For Your Brain

Expose your brain to new experiences with these exercises!

These Are By Far The Best Exercises For Your Brain

These exercises are actually a way of making the brain more efficient


  1. Brain exercises are actually a way of making the brain more efficient
  2. Stimulate your brain by turning common objects upside down
  3. Eating with chopsticks will force you to eat mindfully

Everyone loves new experiences, you, and me and so does our brain. Besides the regular senses of vision, hearing, smell and touch, it is now time to pamper our brain with some more experiences, or probably, a combination of all these! And these brain exercises are actually a way of making the brain more efficient by improving memory and strengthening brain cells to stop the effects of early ageing. To get access to these benefits, you can try some simple brain exercises, practice them anytime during the day and see the difference in no time.

1. Brushing with the non-dominant hand

Left-handed or right-handed, try practicing your daily life chores like brushing your teeth, with the non-dominant hand. This way you use the opposite side of the brain which results in quick expansion of the brain cortex, handling tactile information from one hand.

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2. Shower with eyes closed

This technique is a way of using your tactile senses to feel various textures of your body which you do not usually see. Use your common sense to avoid burns or injuries. Now try to locate the tap, adjust the temperature and wash in the same way.

shower mistakes

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3. Objects that you're familiar with, turn them upside down

Looking at things, the way they are, for a long period of time can quickly divert your attention from there. Keeping them upside down is a way of getting your brain to understand the various shapes and colors and designs in that puzzling article.

object art edgar artis

4. Change seats

The idea of 'fixed seat' or 'own seat' could be preventing your brain from getting new experiences. Changing seats will help you change the place you occupy, who and what you relate to, your outlook towards the room and the way you reach out to salt and pepper. Open your mind to newer experiences.

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5. Connect with your nose, in a new way

It is tough to understand what your nose got accustomed to the scent of tea or coffee early in the morning. Your neural pathways aren't alert due to this habit. But there is a simple technique of activating them. Try keeping a distinct fragrance around your bed before you sleep, like vanilla, peppermint or citrus. When you wake up, take a whiff of this, take a bath, get ready and then smell it again before you leave. Do this for a week to see the difference.

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6. Eat with chopsticks

We just end up eating, most of the time. Little do we care about the food, its calorie content, health quotient and other health aspects. Eating with chopsticks will force you to eat mindfully, improve digestion and cut down on calorie consumption.

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7. Taking new routes

You go to school/college/office through the same route every day. One simple way of exposing the brain to new experiences is taking different routes to your set destination. This keeps your brain active at all times to understand the directions and new routes. Even Bill Gates took a new road to work every day, and look where he is today!

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