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Why Blindly Copying Celebrity Workouts May Not Work For You

We love following our favourite celebrities,from their dressing sense to their eating habits and even their workout regimes. But fitness experts suggest that blindly following any workout regime can cause adverse affects on our health.

Why Blindly Copying Celebrity Workouts May Not Work For You

Here's why being a celeb copy cat is not a very healthy practice


  1. Getting the technique right is the key to any workout regime
  2. A lot of preparation goes behind perfecting celebrity workouts
  3. Celebrities get paid to look glamorous on screen

We all love to follow our favourite celebrities on social media. It is kind of thrilling to watch them put personal updates of them reading, eating, and even working out. Thanks to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, we are now able to follow our celebrities throughout the day. While a dedicated fan would blindly follow most of the activities that their celebrities do, what one must avoid copying, is celebrity workouts. According to fitness experts and trainers, every body type is different and every kind of workout will have different kinds of impact on different body types.

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Some of the popular Bollywood celebrities who constantly share their workouts on social media are Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Fatima Sana Shaikh and Shahid Kapoor to name a very few. The list simply goes on.

kareenas fitness regime

Photo Credit: NDTV

From headstands to rigorous weight training, the workout regimes that these celebrities follow often seem fascinating and challenging. However, getting the technique right is the key to any workout regime.

Know what you follow

For instance, Yasmin Karachiwala, a celebrity fitness trainer, shares various posts on Instagram where she explains how to follow a particular type of workout. Some of her recent posts include the fletcher towel workout, which gives effective results for the upper parts of the body like arms and shoulders.

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In numerous media reports, Yasmin has mentioned how celebrities share their workout regimes to promote fitness amongst the masses. However, people must not forget that a lot of preparation goes behind perfecting those workouts.

katrinas fitness regime

Photo Credit: NDTV

Workouts like headstands and handstands are initially done only under the guidance of an expert. The duration for how long one can perform a headstand or handstand is totally dependent on their stamina and fitness level. One will fall straight on their head and hurt their neck severely if they are done for too long or incorrectly.

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Fitness is their job

No matter what, one must not forget that people in the showbiz get paid a huge amount of money to flaunt a glamorous and fit body on screen. For them, a workout of six to eight hours is like going for a regular job. For the other non-celebrity and majority of the population, spending that much time at the gym is just not feasible.

Be inspired instead of being a copycat

Actresses like Cameron Diaz have quite often been vocal about how fans should avoid being like their favourite celebrities. Isn't having an individual and unique identity better than having a similar/imitated one? Moreover, how many of us can actually afford the sky-high fees of these trainers and gyms? Isn't achieving a body which makes you feel fit and healthy better than achieving a body like Malaika Arora or Katrina Kaif?


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It's all about perspective, at the end of the day!


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