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3 Things You Must Avoid After A Workout

Workouts can be intense and the tiredness or sudden fall of energy can make you choose bad habits over good ones. There are some things is particular that are very damaging and you should avoid after a workout

3 Things You Must Avoid After A Workout

Avoid eating foods rich in salt or plain chocolate after your workout

Lifting some weights, running on the treadmill, stretching into planks or swimming are all good ways to workout. Not only can such physical activities help you lose weight, build muscle or flatten your abs, they are also a great way to improve your brain's performance and keep you happy. But working out is like dieting in a way. Because there are some things you just shouldn't do after it or your workout will yield no results. Or worse, it may cause body damage!

If you're a person who likes to hit the gym often or stretch in the park, here are are 3 things you should definitely avoid doing after working out:

1. Work or sleep immediately after

Your body needs to cool down after the workout. If it isn't given a cool down drill, your blood pressure, that increased during the workout can lead to buildup of blood in your veins, causing venous pooling. A bit of stretching is also important to rebuild and relax muscles after exercising as otherwise, your muscles will contract and become stiff. Walk for a few minutes after running or doing an interval training.

2. Eat salty food and milk chocolate

Eating within 15-20 minutes of working out is important. But exercising doesn't mean a go-ahead signal to eat whatever comes your way. While your brain will be craving food to replenish the body of energy, choose your pick wisely. Stay clear of salty foods like potato chips, french fries, nachos and pizza because the high levels of sodium in these foods will lower your body's levels of potassium. Potassium if very important for cell function ad gets used up in major quantities during workouts.

Milk chocolates are also a bad option since they are high in both sugar and calories. While they might lead to an instant (and brief) spike in energy, they aren't worth it. Opt for dark chocolates instead.

3. Drink sports drinks or coffee

Most sports drinks despite being marketed as containing essential vitamins and minerals are just plain sugar. And this means drinking a single glass of it can quickly add to your calories. Even the highly processed ones only have poor quality oils and some proteins. It's a better idea to drink water or lemonade instead. Coffee or any other drink that had caffeine is also off limits because neither are they hydrating, nor do they provide energy. What's worse is that it prevents your heart rate from returning to normal because of the adrenaline kick it triggers.

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Also make sure you don't keep hanging around in your workout clothes as they will be full of sweat that can cause yeast and skin infections, acne and rashes on your body. 


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