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Revealed: The Secret Behind Malaika's Perfect Curves At 44

Here's how Malaika, the diva of Bollywood keeps herself fit and charming just as she was when we saw her first. Take a look at the diva's fitness regime.

Revealed: The Secret Behind Malaikas Perfect Curves At 44

Know how Malaika continues to carry her charm


  1. Malaika begins her day with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey
  2. She also has a bit of everything in her diet plan
  3. She also aims to attend the gym at least three times in a week for 1 hour

Can you imagine! The ultimate hot item girl of Bollywood, Malaika Arora turned 44 yesterday. Unbelievable, isn't it? Our beloved Munni seems to age like fine wine, being as fit, charming and beautiful as we first saw her. From beginning her day with a glass of warm water with lime and honey to diligently following her daily pilates and yoga routine, Malaika's surely a do-it-all! Here are some fitness and diet regimes straight from Malaika's diary:

Day openers

 It is definitely not easy to maintain those perfect curves and look like 30, post her 40s. To make sure she carries that oomph with pride, Malaika lives a disciplined life. First thing in the morning, she has a glassful of warm water with honey and lemon, followed by one litre of fresh water.

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All about having a balanced diet

Bollywood's ultimate item girl has a bit of everything in her diet plan. And 'everything' here implies to food one can easily get in their nearby supermarkets. For breakfast, the diva prefers fresh fruits, along with upma or poha or even a multigrain bread toast with egg whites.

A close look at her diet plan suggests Malaika's follows the very popular mantra of having something after every 2 hours. Her mid-meal snacks include the likes of amla juice, peanut butter sandwiches and protein shakes post workouts.

For lunch, she consumes two chappattis, along with rice, vegetables and side salad comprising boiled chicken and sprouts.

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She strictly follows the principle of not having anything post 8 pm. Snacking on fruits or dry fruits is what she chooses for her midnight cravings.

A mild, but disciplined workout regime: Living in the showbiz and coping up with paparazzi isn't easy. Amidst back-to-back shoots, endorsements and a committed social life, celebrities do find it difficult to take out time for regular workouts. Similar is the case with Malaika, who aims to attend the gym at least three times in a week for an hour or more, if it suits her.

And it might come off as a surprise that the Chaiyya Chhaiya girl does a variety of exercises. Regular gym cardio, kick boxing, dance practices like Bharatanatyam, Jazz and Russian ballets, running, aerobics and even swimming.

The don'ts

As one of the most popular personalities of B-town, Malaika Arora ensures she doesn't mislead her fans in any way. She strictly suggests to avoid fried food and carbs at night. As mentioned above, she is someone who preaches a diet in moderation, with meals going from heavy to light as the day descends. Lastly, regular exercise with a good amount of rest for the body is probably what has helped her maintain a perfect look at 44.

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We wish her a very happy birthday! 


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