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You Do Not Need To Eat Meat Protein To Lose Weight, Try These 6 Super Effective Non-Meat Protein Sources

Protein for weight loss: Here are some non-meat food sources of good quality protein. Including them in your diet can aid quick weight loss and also make up for your recommended daily intake of protein.

You Do Not Need To Eat Meat Protein To Lose Weight, Try These 6 Super Effective Non-Meat Protein Sources

Weight loss: Eggs and dairy products are a good source of protein


  1. Milk and milk products are underrated sources of protein
  2. Egg is a good quality non-meat source of protein
  3. Nuts and seeds are protein rich foods that can aid weight loss

When it comes to protein, meat gets all the credit. But nutritionists and health experts are well aware of the fact that protein sources can be obtained from meat-free sources as well. People who do not eat meat often worry about their protein intake. Proteins are important for healthy overall growth. They promote feeling of fullness and help in achieving quick weight loss, tissue repair and build-up of muscle mass. Keep reading to know some non-meat sources of protein that are completely underrated. These foods are good quality protein and including them in your diet can make up for your recommended daily intake of protein.

Weight loss: Underrated sources of protein that you can definitely bank on

1. Beans and lentils: Beans and lentils are one of the super healthy vegetarian sources and they should be eaten regularly. Every half cup of beans and lentils contain around 8 gm protein. They are also packed with fibre, energy-creating iron and heart-healthy folate.

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2. Dairy products: Dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and milk are all considered to be healthy sources of protein. Have a glass of milk daily or a cup of natural, homemade yogurt. Else, prepare a smoothie with your favourites fruits, yogurt and milk. Add some pumpkin seeds, honey and lemon zest and you're ready for delicious wholesome breakfast you can have on the go!

3. Fish: Yes, fish is a keto-friendly food that is quite an underrated source of protein. Fish is mostly popular for its benefits for heart health, since it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Add them to your sandwiches and salads to increase protein content in your meals.


Weight loss: Milk is a rich source of lean protein
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4. Soy foods: Soy foods are one of the best vegetarian and vegan sources of protein. A variety of foods and dishes can be prepared with soy and tofu. You can prepare curry based dishes or even add them to your salads.

5. Nuts, nut butters and seeds: Nuts, nut butters and seeds are other healthy sources of vegan and vegetarian protein that you can add to your diet. These foods are popular for their weight loss properties as they are also a rich source of healthy fats and fibre, along with protein. Nut butters like peanut butter and almond butter are filling foods that make for a great choice for topping on morning toasts. You can also beat hunger pangs and snack on a handful of nuts (include different varieties) and seeds when you're on a weight loss diet.

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6. Eggs: Eggs are best for keto diet and any other weight loss diet that you want to follow. One egg contains 6 gm protein. Protein is present in egg whites but you must eat egg yolks to reap maximum benefits from eggs. You can have them for breakfast, add them to your salads and even prepare a meal with them.

Thus, it is not necessary for non-meat eaters to resort to meat for increasing their protein intake. These underrated protein sources can also make up for your daily recommended intake of protein for weight loss and good health.

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