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Weight Loss Tips: Burn Belly Fat Quickly With This Short Core-Strengthening Workout; Watch Video

Weight loss tips: Celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines shares a quick core workout that can help you with weight loss and get rid of belly fat. Watch her video and try it right now!

Weight Loss Tips: Burn Belly Fat Quickly With This Short Core-Strengthening Workout; Watch Video

Belly fat exercises: These exercises can be done at home without any equipment


  1. The workout can be done within 15 minutes at home
  2. It can easily fit in your busy schedule
  3. Watch video to carefully see how each exercise is done

In our high-paced world, there is a desperate need for quick and effective workouts that can help with quick weight loss, build muscles and tone your body. And when short, quick and effective weight loss workouts are high in demand, there's gotta be sufficient supply for it too. "A lot of my clients talk to me about how hard it is to find time to workout when life gets busy. But there are lots of exercises you can do even when you're short on time," writes celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines on one of her posts on Instagram.

In her post, Kayla shares a workout that can work on your core. It includes four exercises that can engage deep abdominal muscles. The trick is draw your belly button in towards your spine and do a controlled exhale while performing each exercise.

Weight loss: Following are the exercises that you can do as part of quick core workout

1. Incline plank

You need to do this exercise for 30 seconds. Planks are wonderful full-body exercise that is great for strengthening your core. Incline planks specifically work a great deal on your core muscle. Not only can planks help you burn calories and lead to weight loss, the exercise is also great for reducing the very stubborn belly fat.


Planks can help in cutting stubborn belly fat
Photo Credit: iStock

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2. Four-point arm and leg extension

Watch video to see how this exercise is done. You need to do 20 reps of this exercise. The exercise can help in building your core strength. It also helps in improving body balance and stability. Make sure your breathing is point - like the way it is mentioned above, while you do this exercise.

3. Heel taps

You need to do 30 reps of this exercise. The exercise can tone your abs, muscles, hip flexors and glutes - this giving you strong and stable lower body.

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4. Alternating straight-leg raise

Leg raise is a great strength training exercise for your core. It can help in strengthening core and cutting the stubborn belly fat. You need to do 30 reps of this exercise.

This core workout routine can strengthen your core, aid weight loss and help in reducing belly fat in no time. They can make for a quick workout on a busy day, helping you skip the unnecessary guilt of missing the gym. What's more is that it requires no equipment and can be done anytime, anywhere!

Adding to the bandwagon of short and quick workouts are the likes of HIIT and Tabata workouts. They require nothing more than 10 minutes to do and involve exercises that target nearly every muscle of your body.

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