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Busy Schedule? Quick No-Equipment Workout When You Only Have 15 Minutes To Spare

Too busy to work out? Do not worry about your fitness goals anymore, here is the answer you are looking for. Spare 15 minutes to perform this simple workout without equipment to ensure full-body movement.

Busy Schedule? Quick No-Equipment Workout When You Only Have 15 Minutes To Spare

Quick workout: When you are busy do not compromise on your fitness goals with some quick exercises


  1. A quick workout can help you stay fit if you have a busy schedule
  2. You can add different variations of some simple exercises
  3. A combination of right exercises can help you stay fit

Is your busy schedule taking a toll on your fitness? The busy lifestyle followed today makes it difficult to stay fit. This prevents you from achieving your fitness goals. In between the hustle and bustle, it is difficult to keep a track on your fitness progress. Some days you may get enough time to workout whereas on the other days you do not have time. On such days you end up missing your workout regimen. You might be looking for a solution for this situation. Here is the answer you are looking for. In such a situation a quick workout can come to your rescue. All you need are 15 minutes to stick to your fitness regimen. Here is a quick workout idea which you can perform anytime without any equipment. Read on to explore the quick and easy workout you are looking for.

15-minute quick workout

1. Squats

Squats should be a part of your quick workout. It can help you burn more calories. A squat is a perfect workout for the lower body. You can complete a set of 30 squats. You can also divide the squats into two sets of 15 repetitions. It will ensure a good workout of the lower body.

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2. Plank

Plank is very important for the core. It is an effective abdominal exercise which can strengthen the core. You can add almost three repetitions of plank up to one minute each. You can also try different variations of plank for each repetition.

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3. Push-ups

Push up is another exercise for building strength. It provides strength to the upper body. You can add 2 sets of 10 push-ups to your quick workout. If you are perfect in performing a push-up, you should further challenge yourself with variations of push-ups.


Quick Workout: Push-ups can provide strength to your body
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4. Lunges

Lunges ate one of the best leg exercises and should be an essential part of your workout. Apart from toning the leg muscles, lunges strengthen the lower body and increase core strength. Perform 10 lunges with each leg twice. You can also try spider lunges.

5. Bicycle crunches

To lose fat around the belly crunches are the best option. Bicycle crunches will keep both upper body and your legs in movement together. You can add two sets of bicycle crunches for up to two minutes to your work out.

6. Jumping jacks as filler

Jumping jacks will also ensure the movement of the whole body. You can use jumping jacks as filler. After every exercise performs jumping jacks for one minute. Later increase the time of the exercise by 2 minutes and then 3 minutes. It will increase the intensity of the workout.

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This is not a rigid workout you can add or replace exercises according to your choice. You can also change the duration, variation or intensity of the workout according to your fitness goal. Apart from this do not miss working out on the days when you have enough time.

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