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Weight Loss-Friendly Snacks: 10 Healthy Options That Can Help You Beat Hunger Pangs

Weight loss: Healthy snacks loaded with protein, fibre and other nutrients can help you reduce overall calorie consumption. Here are some of these options you can add to your weight loss diet.

Weight Loss-Friendly Snacks: 10 Healthy Options That Can Help You Beat Hunger Pangs

Add enough protein and fibre to your diet for effective weight loss


  1. You should consume less calories than you burn for effective weight loss
  2. Regular exercise and healthy diet can help maintain a healthy weight
  3. Choose weight loss friendly snacks like nuts, fruits and veggies

Losing weight in a healthy way requires a lot of preparations, especially your diet. Along with major meals, healthy snacks also contribute to your weight loss journey. Snacks in between the major meals will prevent you from getting excessively hungry and further prevent overeating. Having healthy snacks rich in protein and fiber will help in losing weight besides adding nutrients to the diet. Protein and fibre keeps you for longer and prevent excessive cravings. Here are some healthy snacks you can enjoy guilt-free when trying to lose weight.

Healthy snacks for weight loss

1. Fruits - When it comes to snacks during weight loss, choose whole fruits. Whole fruits are rich in fiber keeps you full in addition to adding vitamins, minerals to the body.


Fruits are loaded with fibre and essential nutrients
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2. Baked/boiled sweet potatoes - Though belonging to the potato family, when it comes to weight loss, sweet potatoes are a boon. Baked or boiled sweet potatoes are rich in betacarotene and are loaded with fibers which are soluble and insoluble and the resistant starch will keep you full for longer.

3. Sprouts vegetable salad - Together sprouts vegetable salad forms one of the best combinations when it comes to weight loss. It contains protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Besides keeping you satisfied, it will avoid unnecessary intake of deep fried items.

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4. Nuts - Nuts contain balanced amounts of protein, fiber and healthy fats. Try a fruit and nut trail mix to beat hunger pangs. A combination of dried fruits and nuts can load up your diet with essential nutrients.


Nuts are a powerhouse of essential nutrients
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5. Egg Whites - Egg whites are rich in protein and as a snack, it will keep you full and improve muscles too thus improving in weight loss.

6. Yogurt - Yogurt is a low-fat food with calcium and protein. It is also an excellent probiotic which will keep our gut healthy.

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7. Dry Bhels- Usually made of puffed rice with different veggies and spices. It's rich in fiber, B complex vitamins and iron. A bowl of dry bhel can keep you full and avoid binge eating, thus leading to weight loss. You can chop tomatoes, onion and cucumber in it. A perfect alternative for this is Amaranth mixture made of goodness of millets like sorghum flakes, puffed pearl millet, puffed amaranth, with roasted pulses makes it rich in protein, fibre, and resistant starch, and will keep you full for a longer duration. Also, it is rich nutrients.

8. Granola Bars - Granola bars are usually made of rolled oats, jowar flakes and almond. These are high in protein and low in fat. Millets are good sources of minerals like iron, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. Oats are rich in the soluble fiber called beta-glucan.

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9. Khakra - Khakra made of multi grains. The fibre present in khakhra can keep you full for longer.

10. Mixed seeds - Seeds of flax, sunflower, watermelon, muskmelon, black sesame and pumpkin are a perfect snack when it comes to weight loss as well as health. These seeds have goodness of fiber, vitamin E, essential fatty acids and minerals like magnesium and zinc. The proteins in the seeds will help in controlling appetite and hunger hormone.


To lose weight, there is no need to skip meals. There are healthy substitutes for the unhealthy versions. So, pick the healthy snacks to keep your weight loss moving as well as balancing your cravings and hunger pangs.

(Dr. Shunmukha Priya is a Scientific Research Officer at Possible)

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