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Weight Loss: 6 Household Chores That Are Surprisingly Effective For Getting A Flat Tummy

Weight loss tips: If you are trying to lose weight but don't have the time to exercise or go to the gym, you can do these household chores to burn some calories. You won't believe some of them are actually weight loss-friendly!

Weight Loss: 6 Household Chores That Are Surprisingly Effective For Getting A Flat Tummy

Weight loss: Mopping can help you burn calories and lose weight


  1. Doing dishes with your hands can help you lose weight
  2. Making your own bed every morning can also help in weight loss
  3. Doing household chores can make you feel more positive

For some of us, household chores are a mere responsibility, something we do with sheer disinterest. But did you know that the very underrated household chores can actually help you with weight loss? Brace yourselves as today we are going to talk about some household chores that can work as an exercise and help you shed some extra kilos. These household chores can work wonders on days when you fall short of time to head to the gym or feel difficult to find time to exercise. It is a convenient, time-saving, multi-tasking and inexpensive way to lose weight and you are going to love it!

Weight loss: 6 household chores that can help you burn calories and get a flat tummy

1. Mop your way to a flat tummy

Unbelievable but true! Mopping is indeed a great way to get a flat tummy. Sweeping and mopping can help in burning a lot of calories, depending on how much time you spend doing it. It is as good as any other cardio exercise. No wonder why it seemed so strenuous all these years. If it is weight loss that you are looking for, give up the stick and start mopping your floors with your hands!


Mopping the floor can help you lose weight
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2. Do your own laundry

And this does not mean using a fully automatic machine of course! Take around 4-5 clothes at a time and make the effort of washing them with your own hands. Use machine for the bulky ones. The whole process from washing to folding and ironing too requires quite some physical activity. You can balance your weekly laundry by washing the smaller-sized clothes with your hands and the bulky ones in the machine. It is surely going to help burning some calories and shedding off the weight that has been bothering you since so long!

3. Cook your own meals

Now this is something that is important not just for weight loss, but for your overall good health. You never know what goes in to preparation of the multiple packed foods you are having for meals every week. Develop the practice of cooking your own meals. Try adding healthy, weight loss-friendly foods to your food. It involves some physical activity to cut vegetables and spend time in the kitchen for full preparation of the meal. To make cooking more of an exercise, you can opt for minimal use of machines and use your hands for every task. According to a study published in International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, people who ate at least than five home-cooked meals in a week are 24% less likely to have excess body fat as compared to those who ate less than three home-cooked meals in a week.


Cooking your meals at can help you lose weight and gain health
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4. Do the dishes with your hands

Skip the dishwasher and try your hand at doing the dishes manually. It can help burn some calories, for sure! All the sweating while doing it is weight loss-friendly after all!

5. Make your bed every day

It's time to give up the laziness and make your bed every morning, especially if you are trying to lose weight and don't have the time for it. Firstly, it will give you the pleasure of coming back to a clean and fresh room after a long day at work. And secondly, it will aid some calorie burning as well. Putting the bed sheet, changing pillow covers, folding the blanket are all activities that can together be a great form of physical activity.

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Apart from weight loss, doing these household chores will also impart positivity in you. It can bring a nice breather from the daily monotony of going to work and getting back home. It is something that even Rujuta Diwekar, the celebrity nutritionist, recommends. Pull up your socks, people. Give up excuses and get started, right now!

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