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Weight Loss: 5 Home-Based Workouts That People Of All Ages Can Do

Weight loss: Home-based workouts can help stay active and burn calories. Here are some simple exercise you can perform at home to stay fit.

Weight Loss: 5 Home-Based Workouts That People Of All Ages Can Do

Weight loss: Staying physically active can help maintain a healthy weight


  1. Exercise can help maintain a healthy weight and stay fit
  2. Take small walking breaks between work
  3. Do not sit for long hours

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend of home-based workouts has gained attention and seems to have become the 'new favourite' among fitness enthusiasts across the world. With limited access to gyms or offline fitness centres and staying within the four walls of one's home being seen as a priority, many people have already switched to regular at-home workout regimes and are also encouraging their family members to do so! Working out at your home need not be complicated or overwhelming. If you are someone looking to figure out some easily doable home workouts, we got you covered. Here is a list of 5 home-based workouts that anyone can do, irrespective of their age or fitness level.

Weight loss: Home-based workouts you can try

1. Spinning

If you have a spin bike at your home, you are in for a wonderful ride. After all, nothing beats spinning or indoor cycling when it comes to home workouts. Pedal your way to fitness by incorporating spinning exercises into your daily fitness routine. Not only does it help you in burning calories, but also in improving strength and cardiovascular endurance.

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2. Squats

This is of the best strength and conditioning workouts you can do anywhere and any day. It works on your legs, hamstrings and glutes and helps strengthen your core muscles and lower body. While there are many squat variations, it is recommended to start with a basic squat, wherein you would need to stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and then lower down to a sitting position.

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3. Plank

A simple-yet-challenging form of bodyweight exercise works on your upper body strength, including arms, elbows and the back. A basic plank (also known as a high plank) is somewhat similar to performing an extended push-up, except that here you have to remain stuck in the pose (for as long as possible) without moving your body weight upwards or downwards. In case you find it too difficult to do a normal plank, opt for elbow planks.


Planks are challenging but can provide numerous benefits to your body
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4. Boxing Punch

Punching into the air is an enjoyable way to release all of your stress and lift your mood. Plus, it helps in enhancing upper-body strength and flexibility. However, while doing this workout at home, make sure you don't hit anyone around you! Maybe get yourself a DIY punching bag if you intend to continue doing shadow boxing punches regularly.

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5. Butt Kicks

In this format, you have to do a series of standing-based running poses by lifting your legs (one leg first, and then the other) to touch your glute muscles. It is a fun and highly effective form of cardio workout that people of all ages can try out. To make the best out of butt kicks exercise, do not move your thigh as you start raising your heel.

Bonus: Final Words of Wisdom

If you are a person who has difficulty in taking out time for workouts, you can always do some basic stretches while sitting at work or walk briskly while taking a few errands through the day. It is important to embrace a fitness-oriented lifestyle instead of ignoring it. Even 20 minutes of working out every day will reap immense health benefits in the long run. So, don't procrastinate or put a snooze button on your home workout routine; get up and start working out daily and consistently.

(Mr. Solomon Gomes is a Lead Trainers Program at TREAD)

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