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Watch Out For These Harmful Chemicals In Your Fairness Cream

Fairness creams are loaded with harmful chemicals. Take a look.

Watch Out For These Harmful Chemicals In Your Fairness Cream

Did you know, fairness creams contain steroids?


  1. Fairness creams contain steroids
  2. Go for products which say hypoallergenic on the box
  3. Try to look for paraben-free or steroid-free options

Okay let's admit it, a fair complexion is something we're all crazy about. And thanks to this irrational buzz, all created through misleading advertisements, a lot of people are induced to spend a bomb on such creams. Somewhere it is believed that a fairer complexion is an essential confidence boost for every individual. Nonsense!

Not to forget that the likelihood of these being effective is pretty low. But keeping it all aside, are you aware of the harmful chemicals present in these fairness creams? Chances are that you are not much aware of what these chemicals are! Bleaching soaps, facial creams, and other cosmetics are loaded with harmful chemicals. These chemicals are bad enough to expose your skin to a great deal of damage.

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Here we enlist the 5 most harmful chemicals present in your fairness creams. Take a look.

1. Steroids

Imagine! Fairness creams contain steroids. And these are mainly found in those products which ensure 'Faster and better results.' Well, your effort for faster and better results may give you permanent scars, pimples, allergies and permanent blackening of the skin.

Dermatologist Dr. Sheilly Kapoor says, "Nowadays the most talked about things is topical steroids. These steroids cause a lot of side effects. They make your skin thinner and lead to facial hair growth. So usually the over-the-counter creams which are easily available contain these steroids. However, the list of ingredients on the label does not mention steroids. Usually, fairness creams contain such steroids."

2. Preservatives

Dr. Kapoor says, "Usually the harmful reactions caused by such creams are due to the preservatives present in the cream. One such harmful ingredient is parabens. Parabens are cheap and easily available which is why they are used in cosmetic products on a large scale. So it should be avoided as much as possible. One must try to look for paraben-free or steroid-free options. If the cream is paraben-free, it will be mentioned on the box."

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3. Fragrance 

That pleasant fragrance of your skin care and beauty products is good enough to cause you much damage. Dr. Kapoor suggests, "Go for products which say hypoallergenic on the box. Also, go for fragrance-free products. Usually, it's that chemical which causes much trouble. These fragrances can be an irritant for the skin which can cause a great deal of discomfort. So if you are going for cosmetics like fairness creams, look for hypoallergenic, paraben-free and fragrance-free products."

4. Hydroquinone

The skin lightening products contain this bleaching agent. Excessive use of this chemical can result in blackening of the skin. Due to the harmful effects of this chemical, it is banned in Japan, Australia, and Europe. Before going for a prolonged use of cosmetics containing this product, consult your cosmetologist. Over time, your skin becomes light and extremely sensitive to the environment.

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5. Mercury and lead

Some fairness creams contain mercury and lead. These two metals are extremely toxic and harmful to your overall health. Dr. Sheilly Kapoor said, "Mercury and lead are also used in cosmetics. These toxic chemicals are found in such products and can cause a good deal of damage to your skin. Lead is mainly found in lipsticks."

(Dr. Sheilly Kapoor is a Senior Consultant Dermatologist at Medanta)

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