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7 Bizarre Beauty Myths Which Are Actually True

Turns out, grandma indeed was right!

7 Bizarre Beauty Myths Which Are Actually True

Some of the beauty myths you had been hearing are actually true


  1. Tying hair tightly can lead to weak hair and hair loss
  2. Store perfumes in a dark, cool and dry place to make them last longer
  3. Alcohol helps in cleaning hair

Washing your hair at night can give you a cold, don't shave your hair as they will grow back darker and thicker, don't cut your split ends as they can be repaired with home remedies, these and so many beauty myths that have been passed on from generation to generation with less or no evidence to explain them. A number of tales and beauty rules were preached to you by your mother and grandmother while you grew up, and most of them turned out to be just myths, backed by less or no evidence. But grandma sure was right sometimes!

Yes, some of the beauty rules were backed by facts and some are quite bizarre. Here's a list of the most popular beauty myths which are actually true.

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1. Tying hair tightly in a bun or pony can make them weak

Buns and ponytails are so convenient and look pretty as well. But turns out, it is the reason to blame for weak hair and hair loss. And it's not only these hairstyles, any hairstyle which causes tension on your hair by pulling them from the scalp and scarring the hair follicles. This makes it impossible for hair to grow back again. Instead, let your hair free at times with a loose pony or plaits or just let them open for some time to allow blood circulation.

2. Rubbing eyes too much can give wrinkles

Well, rubbing the eyes is not directly linked to wrinkles. But, when you rub your eyes regularly, the thin and delicate skin around your eyes becomes loose and shows signs of premature aging. Rubbing your eyes once in a while will not risk developing wrinkles around your eyes but making it a habit is not recommended.

3. Washing hair with a beer can make it thicker and stronger

Barley and hops used in brewing beer have all those vitamins and minerals your hair needs to grow thicker, shinier and healthier. Alcohol, on the other hand, cleans your hair. Though beer cannot make every strand permanently thick, it can work to swell and widen your hair shaft until the next wash.

4. Some foods can make acne worse

There is no evidence to prove that greasy foods and lots of chocolates can make you more prone to acne or interfere with your skin in any way. In fact, there is no concrete list of foods which can cause acne. However, your skin may react to certain foods in the form of acne outbreak. Note what food suits you and what doesn't and stick to that diet plan.

5. The best place for perfumes in the fridge

Note that nothing can harm perfume particles more than heat or direct sunlight. Store them in a dark, cool and dry place to keep them going for years.

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6. Lip balms can be addictive

Lip balm addiction is not really a medical condition but, what is being implied here is that your skin can become 'dependent' on some ingredients. The ingredients of lip balms, when working in conjunction with each other, can cause some level of dryness. So, you are forced to apply more every now and then.

7. Conditioners also clean your hair

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For dry, frizzy and damaged hair, conditioners can work well as a cleansing agent. But for people with oily scalp, conditioners can just make hair even more greasy. 


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