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Wishing Virat Kohli A Very Happy Birthday! This Is The Secret Behind His Superb Athletic Performance

Happy Birthday Virat Kohli: On the occasion of his birthday, we dig into his Instagram to find out one of the most motivational fitness posts. Here's wishing Virat Kohili a very happy birthday!

Wishing Virat Kohli A Very Happy Birthday! This Is The Secret Behind His Superb Athletic Performance

Virat Kohli celebrates his 31st birthday today


  1. Happy birthday to the one and only Virat Kohli!
  2. A youth icon, he is an inspiration to all
  3. The Indian team skipper never fails to give us fitness goals

Happy birthday Virat Kohli: A very happy birthday to captain of Indian national cricket team. The Indian skipper has been one of the trend-setters in the Indian cricket team for his fitness routine. He is known for his superb athletic performance. No doubt, the reason for his phenomenal performance is his workout regime which helps him achieve his goals. Virat Kohli's power-packed performances in all the three formats of cricket and numerous records in the game is worth applauding. Hard-work, discipline, perseverance and devotion is what makes the Indian captain successful and a youth icon. Being one of the fittest athlete, people look up to him and he is an inspiration to all.

When it comes to fitness, Virat Kohli never fails to raise the bar. Turns out, our very own Virat Kohli wants to give his fans some motivation! On multiple occasions, Virat takes to Instagram to share glimpses of his workout routine. 

Our favourite remains to be the ones which are the most challenging, the ones which you can do only after reaching a certain level of fitness - powerlifts! Known to be a strength training exercise, powerlifting is a sport which helps a person know just how strong s/he is.

In the video below, Virat Kohli is seen doing deadlift and jump and deadlift and squats. Watching him master these two challenging strength training exercises will make you want to hit the gym in an instant! His motivating caption reads, "Love going back to my favourite lifts. Any opportunity to get stronger and fitter is something I crave for".

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For doing powerlifting, a person is supposed to stand on a platform and try to lift heavy weights according to his/her strength and stamina. Virat Kohli, however, showcases the best of strength and does 4 repitions of deadlifts and jump.

Click on the arrow button on the right to the second part of his video, where Virat does deadlifts and squats. In the video, Virat is seen doing 4 repititions of the exercise.

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Deadlifts work on more muscles than any other exercise. The exercise works on lowe and upper body and also the back muscles. They are strength training exercise which helps in buring fat. The exercise helps in increasing core strength and helps in improving core stability.

Deadlifts can also help in improving your grip strength. Your fingers are the only thing that connects you to the weight of the bar. The exercise requires your forearms to work extremely hard you progress in weight to prevent the bar from falling out of your hands.

Deadlifts help in minimising risk of injury. The exercise helps in building muscle strength around critical tendons and ligaments.

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More power to Virat Kohli on his birthday!

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