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Know All About Powerlifting, Katrina's Latest Workout Fad

A strength sport, power lifting is an exercise which helps in building muscles and burning fat.

Know All About Powerlifting, Katrinas Latest Workout Fad

Katrina Kaif shared a picture of her doing powerlifts on Instagram


  1. Powerlifting improves strength of legs, upper body and back
  2. Powerlifting reduces incidence of osteoporosis
  3. Powerlifting helps in fat loss
Katrina Kaif is one Bollywood diva who leaves no stone unturned to keep her fitness levels up to the mark. She seems to enjoy her workouts probably as much as she enjoys her acting, and that's what we love about her! So recently, the Tiger Zinda Hai actress took to Instagram to share a picture of her doing powerlifts. Looking tough as a tigress, she was seen doing the ultimate fitness exercise - powerlifts. A strength sport, power lifting is an exercise which helps in building muscles and burning fat.

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Just like other forms of resistance training, power lifting helps in strengthening bones and reducing risks of injuries in doing other activities.

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Here are some of the health benefits of doing powerlifts:

1. Improves strength

An exercise like powerlifting helps in improving strength of muscles in the legs, back and upper body. Since squatting is a part of powerlifting, muscles of the legs and hips benefit more in this exercise as compared to most other exercises. Doing deadlifts, on the other hand, helps in strengthening back and legs. And bench press works on the muscles of most of the upper body.


Photo Credit: iStock

2. Fat loss

An intense training like powerlifting can help in burning many calories. Additionally, this kind of intense training has long-term beneficial effects on metabolism.

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3. Athletic ability

Powerlifting improves our speed and makes us overall more athletic. One can run faster, jump higher and even participate in activities like wrestling, fighting, martial arts, etc. 


4. Skeletal health

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Weak bones can lead to a health condition like osteoporosis. Resistance training exercises like powerlifting has been known to reduce incidence of osteoporosis.

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