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Top 5 Perks Of Eating Spicy Food

Turns out that these peppery foods are actually beneficial for you.

Top 5 Perks Of Eating Spicy Food

Feel free to enjoy that extra pinch of chilly in your food


  1. A new study links consumption of spicy food with increased life span
  2. Spicy foods speed up metabolism triggering weight loss
  3. Spicy foods help in lowering blood pressure

Jalapenos, peppers, chili, are hot, pun intended!

Where you may feel that eating spicy food is not good and may land you with piles/ hemorrhoids, it is actually quite beneficial for your health. A new study strongly links consumption of spicy food with increased lifespan. But there is so much more to the benefits of spicy foods. So that chilly and jalapeno that rouse your taste buds and may even make you run for water at times is improving your life expectancy, the better impact is seen in people who do not consume alcohol. For women who consume it occasionally, the perks of peppery foods are a lower risk of death from cancer, respiratory and heart diseases.

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Spicy food lovers, here's a list of reasons to continue eating peppery foods.

1. Weight loss

Spicy foods trigger weight loss. Though cutting down on processed and fatty foods and exercise are primary for weight loss, spicy foods do the task pretty well by speeding up body metabolism and increasing fat burning rate as well. Not only this, spicy foods will also control hunger pangs. Peppery food decreases your appetite hence lowering your calorie intake.

2. Stop ulcers with chillies and peppers

You must have heard that eating spicy food leads to ulcers by burning a hole in the stomach. But the fact is that they prevent ulcers. This is because the H.A. pylori, the bacteria that causes ulcers is killed by capsaicin in peppers.

3. Clear your sinuses with spicy food

You must have experienced a running nose while eating peppery foods. The capsaicin in pepper leads to this effect. When you experience a blocked nose, add a pinch of cayenne pepper to a cup of tea, now you can either sip it or even smelling it will do the task for you. The spicier it gets, the better it gets for you.

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4. Heart disease prevention

For heart health, turmeric and chillies act as potential protectors. For people dealing with high blood pressure, spicy foods can be very helpful as they dilate the blood vessels and promote easier passage of blood, hence lowering blood pressure. It may also prevent the formation of blood clots.

5. Increased life expectancy

For a longer life, stick to an extra hot pepper regularly or maybe two or even three.

A study reveals that people who eat spicy food 6 or 7 times in a week are 14% less likely to die prematurely. You may even think of it as spicy foods lower chances of obesity, cancer and heart disease, it improves life expectancy of people.

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So feel free to add that extra pinch of 'mirchi' to your food for all it does is improves your health. 


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