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Time To Cut Down On Your Booze! Studies Show Alcohol Risks 7 Types Of Cancer

Studies show the more you drink, the more will you be exposed to seven different types of cancer.

Time To Cut Down On Your Booze! Studies Show Alcohol Risks 7 Types Of Cancer

Increased alcohol consumption spikes cancer risk


  1. Drinking more alcohol can expose you to risk of 7 types of cancers
  2. ASCO does not ask people to completely refrain from alcohol consumption
  3. Cancer risk and alcohol are independent of types of alcoholic beverages

According to oncologists, a new study states that drinking more alcohol can expose you to a higher risk of seven different types of cancer. Also, low alcohol intake can risk you with oesophageal, liver, breast, and colorectal cancer. Alcohol consumption accounts for over 5% cancers and deaths in the world. American Society of Clinical Oncology did not openly talk about a direct link between these two variables but is now focusing on the need to bring alcohol consumption under control as it spiking malignant tumour risks now.

ASCO does not specifically ask people to completely refrain from alcohol consumption. They recommend a moderate consumption of alcohol. The CDC recommends women to have as much as eight drinks in a week. Men, however, can have 14 drinks a week. But people are prone to drinking much more than the recommended level of alcohol intake.

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The report also suggested that there is evidence good enough to prove that alcohol consumption can risk pancreatic, stomach, colorectal and other cancers as well.

Another topic subject to debate here was the fact that is alcohol solely responsible for cancer or is it the ingredients that constitute cancer are cancer-causing. ASCO report reveals that cancer risk and alcohol are independent of the different types and varieties of alcoholic beverages.

However, Dr LoConte explains that alcohol does not affect every part of the body in the same way. She went on to explain that for neck, oesophagael cancers, alcohol breakdown product touches tissues and causes cancer as a person swallows alcohol.

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Also, she explained that alcohol causes liver cancer by cirrhosis. When you swallow alcohol, cirrhosis is developed which replaces healthy liver cells with damaged and scarred cells which may become cancer cells.

Extremely high estrogen levels are not good for women. When they increase abnormally in a woman, the hormone places her at a risk of breast cancer. And that abnormal increase is attributed to increased alcohol consumption.

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ASCO reported that women, who had even one beer or a glass of wine, both with significantly lower levels of alcohol as compared to other alcoholic beverages, increase their likelihood of developing breast cancer. 


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