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Control Your Alcohol Intake Before You Get Addicted To It, Check Now!

With drunkolexia on the rise, people are loading themselves with alcohol and cutting down on calorie intake in terms of food. The increasing incidence of this is alarming. Therefore, there is an urgent need to cut down on alcohol intake and prevent drunkolexia.

Control Your Alcohol Intake Before You Get Addicted To It, Check Now!

Here's how you can curb drunkolexia


  1. People eat less to save their calorie intake for alcohol
  2. Alcohol calories are empty calories with no nutritional value
  3. Go for a light snack before alcohol to slow down alcohol absoption
Seems like drunkorlxia is on the rise again! With more and more people skipping meals to get drunk faster, the phenomenon has increased to quite considerably. People tend to cut down their food intake in order to save their calorie intake for alcohol. The condition occurs in both men and women but a recent Australian study showed that the condition is particularly more common in women. 60% female undergrad students showed tendencies of drunkorexic. Alcohol is quite high in calories.

If compared, a single pint of beer holds as many calories as one slice of pizza and a glass of wine has calories as many as half a burger. So, what drunkorexics do is cut down on their calorie intake in food and replaces it with alcohol.

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Comparing again, food with the same amount of calories offer some nutritional value however, alcohol has empty calories with no nutritional value. Therefore, your body will not benefit in terms of health with alcohol.

Also, when you drink on an empty stomach, you do get high easily but it is a way more dangerous thing to do. Hence, it is very necessary for you to cut down on alcohol intake and opt for a healthier lifestyle. Here's a list of tips from the independent UK charity Drinkaware to cut down to alcohol intake or end it altogether.

1. Check your alcohol intake

For a person used to drinking large volumes of alcohol in one go, a 250ml glass of wine and drinking beer divided in pints is like drinking less. What you can do to regulate it is start buying spritzes. This will help you cut down and keep a check of your alcohol intake.

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2. Eat

Drunkorexics avoid this but they should not. Going for a light snack before drinking can help you slow down alcohol absorption and stay in control. This will also make you less likely to head for a pizza or a kebab before you head home.

3. Drinking only at dinner

Instead of opening up your entire evening to alcohol, divide it into dinner and drinking. This way, you get to have a leisurely time with both food and alcohol. You drink less and enjoy more and your body gets enough time to process alcohol too before you go to bed.

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4. Learn to handle your triggers

If you are used to celebrate with alcohol, try to look for a change. Go for a nice dinner to have a good treat or a gym session. Gym, too, is a great stress buster.

5. Have alcohol-free days

Drinking too much too often can make you body build a tolerance for alcohol. Your body may get addicted to alcohol. So you should take alcohol-free days every now and then to prevent your body from making alcohol a need.

6. Treat yourself and distance your treats

Bring home a bottle of vintage wine expensive enough to make you want to savour it for long. Have a glass or two once in a while. This way you prevent yourself from splashing into alcohol and also allows you to enjoy the occasional booze.

7. Track your alcohol intake overtime

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If you opt to drink, record over the week what you have taken and how much you have take. This way you will be able to assess it yourself that how much you need to drink and how much you need to control. 

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