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Refer This To Know How Alcohol Consumption Can Destroy Your Body

Consuming alcohol on regular basis can harm your body in ways you can’t even imagine.

Refer This To Know How Alcohol Consumption Can Destroy Your Body

Alcohol is a depressant

Are you fond of alcohol? If yes, then you need to stop right away. Yes, consuming a lot of alcohol is associated with a risk of developing health issues. However, despite knowing all this, there are many people who fail to prevent themselves from grabbing a glass of drink. Well, do you know that alcohol also destroys your gut? A page on Instagram by the name "Nutrition by Lovneet," shares an update listing the ways in which alcohol can be a "gut destroyer." So, now, when you get tempted to have alcohol again, do read this before you take a step ahead in that direction.   

Alcohol is a gut destroyer because of the following reasons:

1) All forms of alcohol damage the gut lining and increase overall inflammation in the body.

2) Consuming alcohol on a regular basis also increases endotoxin production, interferes with immune function, and increases the amounts of bad bacteria in the microbiome.  

Take a look:


It's always ideal to follow clean eating habits and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Certain food items can do wonders to your body when added to the daily diet. One such food item is pumpkin seeds. A post on the same page, “Nutrition by Lovneet,” talks about the benefits of adding pumpkin seeds to the diet. These seeds are high in magnesium that's important for your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and heart and bone health. You may not know this but pumpkin seeds are also promoted as a treatment for depression. They can also lower blood sugar levels and can significantly recover blood iron levels. These tiny seeds are great for the growth of your hair and above all, they are packed with zinc important for brain development, skin and other organs.  

If you suffer from acidity, some lifestyle changes can help you get rid of the health issue. Try to savour a low-fibre diet and include superfoods like soaked sabja seeds, and coconut water in your diet. You must limit your caffeine intake to deal with acidity and avoid raw foods. Eat your meals slowly and mindfully. Do not skip meals and try not to overeat and last but not least, take enough sleep.  

Take care of your health and stay away from food items that may harm your body.

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