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The Relationship Between Your Mental And Physical Health: Tips To Boost Mental Health With Exercise

Physical activities are beneficial for your overall health. These are beneficial for your mental health as well. Read here to know how physical exercise is beneficial for your mental health and the relation between the two.

The Relationship Between Your Mental And Physical Health: Tips To Boost Mental Health With Exercise

Exercise play an important role in promoting mental wellness


  1. Exercise is important for your mental health
  2. Diet also play a role in promoting mental health
  3. Dancing can help boost mental as well as physical health

Your physical health is linked with your mental health too. Regular exercise helps you keep your physical health shape. It is also necessary for proper functioning of different body organs and your mental wellness. In today's fast paced world tackling and maintaining physical as well as mental health has become an array of significance. Like Yin and Yang, a balance between mental and physical health is equally important. It's often found that people with serious mental conditions are at an elevated risk of experiencing chronic physical conditions and vice versa, explains Arouba Kabir, who is a mental health therapist.

Link between mental and physical health you need to know

1. Poor mental health determinants like stress, depression, anxiety, anger are directly related to our immune system, fatigue and poor heart health which then invite physical illness.

2. Physical conditions- chronic or acute cause discomfort in the body which then leads to stress, irritability, anger, anxiety, affecting our mental health. If the condition is chronic, it might lead to depression as well. As a result, it's very important we work towards a better lifestyle which keeps our physical and mental health, both in check.

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Here's how you can boost your mental health by promoting physical health

1. Yoga and mental health

Yoga has been practised since ancient times. It improves flexibility and promotes your overall health. Asanas release sublimed energies tied into knots at certain areas in your body. Yoga also focuses on controlling breathing patterns. A fixed breathing patterns leaves a calming effect on the mind and body.


Yoga can help you control risk of several diseases
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2. Food and mental health

Little attention is given to the mental benefits that healthy food gives. It is not only about physical fitness, but a good diet promotes mental health too. It improves brain functioning. When the brain is functioning well, there is no room for 'junk' thoughts.

Diets high in sugar cause inflammation and stress which might often lead to mood disorders and depression. Keeping yourself hydrated helps alleviate causes and symptoms of mood volatility as well.

3. Dance and mental health

Dancing is fun which can help you stay fit. It isn't a surprise because dancing releases the very hormones that are good for your brain - oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. The various dance forms not only improve physical fitness but also impact greatly on your emotions.

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4. Exercise, sports and mental health

Aerobic exercises including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking etc. have been proved to reduce anxiety and depression.

Apart from that physical exercises aid in better self-efficacy, cognitive function, social interaction and distraction from stress. Around 30 minutes of exercise of moderate intensity such as brisk walking, 3 days a week can be enough to avail these benefits.


You should exercise for at least 30 minutes each day
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Team sports have shown a heightened emphasis on group goals, social support and a sense of connection that provide more opportunity for learning adaptive coping strategies that can be essential for long term-mental health.

Thus, considering all the above factors together, aiming for a holistic healthy lifestyle approach is the key to good mental and physical health i.e. happy life. This includes balancing the internal (feelings, thoughts, perspectives) and external factors (exercise, food, water, sleep, social interaction) by prioritizing each correctly in your day to day life.

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(Arouba Kabir is a Mental Health Therapist/Counsellor and Founder at Enso Wellness)

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