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World Mental Health Day 2019: Best Yoga Asanas To Boost Mental Health

World mental health day 2019: Your mental health requires equal attention. There are various methods to fight mental problems like anxiety, depression and others. Yoga is another strong method to reduce the risk of multiple mental issues naturally. Here are the best yoga asanas explained by expert.

World Mental Health Day 2019: Best Yoga Asanas To Boost Mental Health

You must give the required attention to your mental health


  1. Yoga can help you boost mental health naturally
  2. You can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety with yoga
  3. Exercise can also help you beat stress

Despite our busy lives, we are able to give our bodies the time needed to maintain physical health. But we are missing a very important aspect of life which is mental health. This demands equal attention if not more than the time that we spend on our bodies. As an example, if you are spending an hour on your physical health, then you should also spend an hour tending to your mental health. Yoga teaches you the importance of your mind. If your mind is your companion and is with you, then you can achieve anything that you want to. On the other hand, if your mind is against you, then life itself becomes painful. There are lots of yogic and spiritual practices that we can adopt for the strength and health of our minds.

Following are a few meditation techniques and Tattva Namaskars (Salutations) that you can practice to protect yourself against mental and lifestyle disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress etc.

Yoga poses to boost mental health

1. AakaashGanga Dhyan: (Galaxy Meditation)

Aakash Gange Dhyan is a type of meditation or visualization where you are required to imagine yourself to be an earthen pot. As you meditate and begin to observe yourself like a container, allow the entire universe to flow into you. Receive these energies into yourself and feel all that which is flowing within you.


  • Makes you one with nature/existence
  • Get the power of the galaxy
  • Mind becomes strong
  • Builds memory power
  • Build focus
  • Enhances concentration

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Yoga can help you boost mental health naturally
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2. Chandra Namaskar

The human body contains both Nadis/Channels of the Moon (Chandra) and the Sun (Surya). While the sun's power of illuminance is forceful and powerful, the moon's pearly radiance is subtle and soothing. The moon channel when activated brings calmness, cooling and deep peace to the Brain, mind and body. Performing this Namaskar is the means to activate the Chandra Nadi. Asanas involved are-

Asana 1: Pranam Asana - Prayer Pose

Asana2: Hasta Uttanasana - Raised-arms Pose

Asana 3: Padahastasana - Standing Forward Bend Pose

Asana 4: Ashwasanchalan Asana - Equestrian Pose

Asana 5: Ardha Chandrasana - Half-moon Pose

Asana 6: Santolanasana - Plank Pose

Asana 7: Ashtanga Pranamasana - Eight-limbed Bow Pose

Asana 8: Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose

Asana 9: Adhomukhi Swanasana - Downward-facing Dog Pose

Asana 10: Ashwasanchalan Asana - Equestrian Pose

Asana11: Ardha Chandrasana - Half-moon Pose

Asana 12: Padahastasana - Standing Forward Bend Pose

Asana 13: Hastha Utthan Asana - Raised-Arms Pose

Asana 14: Pranam Asana - Prayer Pose

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3. Aakash Namaskar

Akash is the tattva whose quality is known to us as Space or Ether. When you practice the Akash namaskar, you receive the blessings of this Tattva which gifts you with its own celestial qualities. You become a vessel that is eligible to absorb, to be filled much like space which is infinite. This namaskar involves a series of 36 asanas.

4. Tratak on Moon

Tratak is Sanskrit word which means 'to gaze'. To practice this technique, you will need a comfortable mat to sit on. This meditation technique must be practiced in the night when the moon is visible. Practicing it on a new moon day and a full moon day brings more benefits.


  • Place your mat on a clean surface out in the open
  • Face the moon and sit on your mat in a comfortable posture (preferably Sukhasana or Padmasana)
  • With a straight spine, place your palms on your knees facing up
  • Join your index and thumb finger and hold Gyaan Mudra
  • Draw your gaze to the moon and direct all of your attention to observe how it subtly moves through the sky among the clouds and the stars
  • Try not to blink as much as possible
  • If you catch your thoughts wandering, bring them back to focus on the moon
  • Try not to strain your neck while you practice this
  • After you practice, close your eyes for a while and relax them

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Practice these unique techniques to increase the strength of your mind and spirit too. If we are able to impart this training to the younger generation now, then we are sure to have a brighter future. We must keep working towards maintaining the mind in victory mode. This will result in a strong and positive frame of mind, preparing us for any situation that life brings.

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(Grand Master Akshar is a Yoga Master, Spiritual Guide and Lifestyle Coach)

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