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Mental Health: A Complete Self-Help Guide To Cope With Anxiety

Mental health: Anxiety can make you feel worse at times. If left uncontrolled, it can affect your day to day functioning. Here are some self-help tips you must try to control anxiety.

Mental Health: A Complete Self-Help Guide To Cope With Anxiety

Uncontrolled anxiety may lead to insomnia and other health issues


  1. Uncontrolled anxiety can result in panic attacks
  2. Go for a walk to control anxiety
  3. Talking to your loved ones can help you share your emotions

Anxiety is your body's response. It can be a feeling of fear or a mixture of emotions. It is normal to feel anxious at times. But in some cases, an individual may feel anxious more often than it may affect day to day functioning. It is important to take right steps to control this condition before it results in severe complications and stops you from performing day to day essential tasks efficiently. When left uncontrolled anxiety can lead to panic attacks, overthinking, procrastination and more. A person with anxiety may experience increased heart rate, rapid breathing, restlessness, insomnia or trouble concentrating. To fight anxiety, first you need to understand the difference between normal worry and anxiety. As an individual, you can also follow some steps to manage anxiety. Arouba Kabir, mental health therapist/counsellor, explains self-help tips to control anxiety.

Self-help tips guide to cope with anxiety

When you are anxious- Ask for help. Tell someone that you are anxious and need help. Deep breathing helps at the moment also helps you calm down. Write about how you feel and all the negative thoughts in your head. Write down the positives and negatives that can help you understand the situation better. You could also do something you love like drawing, writing, singing, listening to music, cooking or talk to a friend. Find positive distractions like the beauty of nature.

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Exercise can boost your physical as well as mental health
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Other things that you can try are-

1. Simply, go for a walk: It will distract you and bring your mind to a healthy place.

2. Write a note to self: It will help you develop feeling self-love. You should also make a list of things you are grateful for.

3. Listen to your favourite music: Listening to music is one of the best distractions. It can change your mood in seconds. Similarly, you can also watch your favourite show.

4. Talk to your loved ones: Talking helps! Tell people who are concerned about you how you feel.

5. Stop comparing yourself with others: Comparison leads to unnecessary worry.

6. Try breathing exercises: Deep breathing can give instant relief from anxiety. It will relax your mind instantly.

7. Learn what triggers your anxiety. You should pen down the events which lead to anxiety. It will help you avoid such events or you will start developing a sense of handling these patiently.

8. Limit alcohol and caffeine: These can harm your overall health. Sometimes, these may trigger anxiety as well. You can seek help to get rid of addiction.

9. Try to reach out to the professional and seek help: To avoid anxiety attacks and other complications you must seek medical help. It is important to seek medical help before anxiety takes over your life.

10. Get enough sleep: Adequate sleep is linked with better body functions. It can boost your mental health too.

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(Arouba Kabir is a Mental Health Therapist/Counsellor and Founder at ensowellness)

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