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Skincare Tips: Pre-Wedding Do's And Don'ts For Brides And Grooms

Skincare tips: Want flawless skin on your wedding day? Follow these do's and don'ts.

Skincare Tips: Pre-Wedding Dos And Donts For Brides And Grooms

Drink plenty of water for healthy, glowing skin

The wedding season is here! Getting married is one of the biggest milestones in everyone's life. Which is why you need to prepare extra for everything. For the bride and the groom both, amidst all the planning, there are certain important things that get sidelined. In between all the work and chaos, most people tend to neglect basic skin and hair care. And last minute treatments often do more harm than good. So here's a list of some helpful do's and don'ts for both the bride and the groom for perfect skin on their big day.


1. Pick your skincare routine at least two months in advance so you have enough time for trial and error and then stick to the one that's doing wonders for you.

2. If you're planning to try some professional dermat treatments like skin polishing, laser hair removal and more, choose a credible clinic, preferably recommended by someone you trust.

3. Increase your water intake by at least two to three glasses for that added glow up. You can download various water reminder apps to ensure you meet your daily water intake target.

4. Ensure you are taking your vitamins and supplements daily as recommended by a professional. Vitamins add extra health to your skin and hair.

5. Stick to a healthy and balanced diet and avoid outside food as much as possible because what you eat may show on your skin. Avoid oily food to prevent acne. Also, have a balanced and nutritious diet to have flawless skin on your big day.

6. For grooms, it is important to plan your personal grooming, be it beard trims or hair trims well in advance.


1. Avoid trying any new last minute skin treatments, a few days before the wedding. While there are various new cosmetic treatments like chemical peeling, different kinds of facials, micro needling and more that promise to give that extra glow to your skin, if your skin doesn't react well to them, you won't have much time to fix it.

2. Excess of anything is bad! Don't over exfoliate your skin as it can cause extreme dryness and may damage your skin.

3. The stress of wedding planning may cause acne. Avoid popping the zits and pimples on your face. Let them be and heal properly. Popping them may leave you with acne scars

4. Don't sleep late. Try and go to bed early even if the day has been hectic for you. Adequate sleep of seven to eight hours helps the skin and body to rejuvenate to look fresh the next day.

5. Do not excessively smoke or drink. It causes accumulation of toxins making the skin look dull and tired.

Follow these do's and don'ts and take care of your overall health.

(Akshaya Kangle, Aesthetic Cosmetologist, Founder of Skintillatingg Clinics and creator on Koo)

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