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The Secret To Shilpa Shetty's Super Fit Body: Her Trainer Reveals It All

Shilpa Shetty Kundra fitness: Consistency and dedication are the two principles that the actress swears by. Read here to know more.

The Secret To Shilpa Shettys Super Fit Body: Her Trainer Reveals It All

Vinod Channa reveals Shilpa Shetty Kundra's fitness and diet secrets


  1. Her regular workout plan includes weight training and functional training
  2. The actress makes no excuses when it comes to exercising
  3. Consistency is the key

Shilpa Shetty Kundra has always been an inspiration for women who have aspired to maintain a healthy work and life balance. She is a complete fitness icon who has managed to have a happy family life along with a successful career in the glamorous world of Bollywood. Today, there are many women who wish to be like her and wonder what the secret is to her perfectly toned body. As it turns out, it is nothing less than consistency and dedication which makes Shilpa what she is today.

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Here's the secret behind Shilpa Shetty Kundra's fitness:

1. Consistency

According to me, the biggest secret behind Shilpa's fitness is being consistent. Shilpa consistently follows a proper workout and diet regime which helps her give better results.

2. No excuses

Shilpa is always ready to try out new challenges while working out. Despite having a busy working schedule, she never gives any excuses for not exercising. She is very positive when it comes to taking out time for herself.

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3. Training

Her regular progressive workout plan includes weight training, functional training, mobility, core exercise, yoga etc. Below is her weekly schedule of workouts.

On Monday, she works on her chests, shoulders and triceps. This workout includes weight training and conditioning workout.

On Tuesday, Shilpa swears by yoga and does all progressive asanas.

On Wednesday, she works on weight training of back and biceps. This is a mobility and agility workout.

On Thursday, Shilpa does yoga again, being an avid follower. Shilpa is widely popular for her admiration towards yoga.

On Friday, she does workout for legs, which includes some extreme core exercises.

Shilpa's Saturdays usually include cardio, followed by a rest day on Sunday.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra's diet regime

Shilpa strongly believes in and follows an organic and clean diet regime. She avoids refined and processed foods as much as possible. Her diet regime mostly includes wholesome foods, vegetables, high protein food, fibre and essential fat as per her body's requirement. Since her body type does not demand very low carb diet, she indulges in a cheat meal once a week.

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Tips for others

Most people fail to achieve the desired body because of being irregular in exercising and following a diet. They fail to find a healthy substitute to their food cravings. It also depends on the trainer they choose. If the trainer is not efficient enough to make someone motivated for a progressive workout target, it becomes difficult to achieve optimum levels of fitness.

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Lastly, good results are only achieved when you take out time from your busy schedule and keep trying to find a better way to achieve a target instead of just giving up. One day will be yours and you will start seeing good results in your body. 

(Vinod Channa is a celebrity fitness trainer)

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