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Stay Warm This Winter With Sesame Seeds (Til): Know All Health Benefits And Methods To Use

Sesame seeds are offer multiple health benefits. Take a look at some of these.

Stay Warm This Winter With Sesame Seeds (Til): Know All Health Benefits And Methods To Use

Sesame seeds can help you stay warm during the winter season


  1. Sesame seeds can help you stay warm during the winter season
  2. You can add sesame seeds to your shakes and smoothies
  3. Sesame seeds can also help you boost bone health

Sesame seeds are commonly known as til. It is often recommended to consume these during the winter season as til can keep you warm. Sesame seeds are also loaded with multiple health benefits. From better digestion to strong bones, sesame seeds are good for your overall well-being in several ways. So, this winter do not miss the goodness of sesame seeds. Here we've listed some reasons why you must add sesame seeds to your winter diet. Also know some ways to use these seeds.

Sesame seeds (til) health benefits

1. Help you fight winter-related health issues

Cold, cough and sore throat are common winter ailments. A strong immune system can help you keep these at bay. Consuming sesame seeds may help you boost immunity. These seeds contain several nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin E, selenium and many more that can support the functioning of the immune system.

Sesame seeds can also help you fight inflammation.


Sesame seeds will help you boost immunity
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2. May lower blood pressure

Low temperatures result in high blood pressure. Sesame seeds can help you lower blood pressure numbers naturally.

The magnesium content of sesame seeds can help control blood pressure.

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3. Improve digestive health

Sesame seeds are loaded with fibre.

Fibre supports better digestion and keeps you full for longer. One can also prevent constipation with high fibre foods. However, sesame seeds should be consumed in moderation.

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4. Boost bone health

Sesame seeds contain nutrients that can support bone health including calcium. Better bone health and reduced inflammation can help you fight issues like joint pain, back pain and more .


Sesame seeds can help you boost bone health
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Other health benefits

  1. These seeds can help you control cholesterol levels
  2. Presence of iron can help you prevent anemia
  3. Vitamin E in sesame seeds is beneficial for both skin and hair
  4. Help you boost respiratory health
  5. Promote heart health
  6. Low in carbs and high in protein

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How to consume sesame seeds?

You can use sesame seeds as a topping on your salads or vegetables. They can be added to your shakes and smoothies. You can also enjoy the snacks available in the market prepared with sesame seeds.

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