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Rujuta Diwekar Tells Us The Many Health Benefits Of Til (Sesame Seeds)

Did you know? Til (sesame seeds) can help in burning fat

Rujuta Diwekar Tells Us The Many Health Benefits Of Til (Sesame Seeds)

Sesame seeds reduce inflammation


  1. Sesame seeds can regulate cholestrol levels in the body
  2. Sesame seeds can keep blood pressure under control
  3. Sesame seeds are good for health of the bones

Every year, makar sakranti or lohri - the first festival of the year brings with itself lots of gajjak, peanuts, chikkis and popcorns. These goodies last at least for an entire week, sometimes even more. But are they good for our health? Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar says that til (sesame) laddoos or chikkis have some amazing health benefits and can be consumed guilt-free during winter. Not only are sesame seeds a great source of protein, they are also rich sources of fatty acids and amino acids.

According to Rujuta, til provides the following health benefits:

1. It reduces inflammation.

2. It has glycemic index, which is helpful in improving insulin sensitivity.

3. Til is extremely rich in minerals and helps in improving fertility.

4. Til is rich in calcium. It is great for bones and thyroid health.

5. Til comprises various essential fatty acids which are helpful in improving cardio-vascular health.

6. Phytonutrients in til prevent hair fall and dandruff.

Here are other benefits of til:

1. Lowers cholesterol level

Phytonutrients in til triggers phytoestrogen activity, which helps in lowering the cholesterol levels to a great extent. Phytosterols in sesame seeds help in lowering the absorption of cholesterol. Studies have shown that sesame seeds have the highest content of phytosterols among all seeds, legumes, grains, and nuts.

peanuts and chana make you feel full

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2. Improves absorption of nutrients

Lignans in sesame seeds improve the absorption of vitamins like vitamin E and phytochemicals. Fatty acids in sesame seeds help in absorbing Vitamin D, Vitamin A and antioxidants. 

3. Improves blood pressure

Til oil can be helpful in regulating blood pressure, naturally. Studies have shown that using sesame oil for cooking can substantially lower blood pressure and increase antioxidants in the body.

4. Fights cancer

Sesame seeds have proved to have anti-cancer properties and prevent breast cancer and colon. Sesame seeds prevent oxidation and development of cancer in the colon.

5. Improves production of sex hormones

Research suggests that consuming sesame seeds can increase the production of sex hormones in the body. This is because it improves fatty acid metabolism, especially among women post menopause. Being a powerhouse of essential fats, nutrients, and proteins, sesame is considered to be a superfood for a healthy pregnancy.

sesame seeds help in dealing with bronchitis

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6. Burns fat

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Some phytochemicals in sesame seeds boost metabolism and improve the body's ability to burn fat. Lignans in sesame seeds trigger the mechanisms in the liver. They help in improving the activity of liver enzymes which are helpful in breaking of fatty acids. This is the reason why several fat burning products have sesame seeds as an ingredient.


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