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Scream Therapy For Anxiety Disorder: Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever tried scream therapy for dealing with anxiety? People suffering anxiety disorders tend to feel very angry and frustrated at times. Scream therapy, which typically involves screaming, can help in reducing anxiety effectively.

Scream Therapy For Anxiety Disorder: Everything You Need To Know

Scream therapy may help you deal with anger and frustration in case of anxiety disorder


  1. Scream therapy helps in dealing with anxiety disorder
  2. Anger and frustration are common occurrences in case of anxiety disorder
  3. Doing scream therapy without consulting a therapist can be harmful

Scream therapy may be an effective way to deal with anxiety disorder. Let's take a look at what anxiety disorder actually is... Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach before going on stage or in an examination hall? Are you terrified of going out of your house or afraid of confronting a crowd or someone in particular? Or do you stress a lot about the work or deadlines? If yes then you might be suffering from anxiety disorder. Every year, the rate of people suffering from anxiety disorders is growing at a fast pace. Undergoing occasional anxiety happens with everyone. But people with anxiety disorders feel bewildered or uncontrollable in several situations. Anxiety disorder is considered as a serious medical condition which can be as dangerous as any heart or lung disease.

Most of the times, you are alarmed to acknowledge issues like anxiety because people take no time to claim you as 'mentally disabled' or 'retarded'. But this is not true for any mental illness. It is not surprising to have fears. Many people are scared of lizards, spiders, dogs etc. and it completely find to feel such fears. You must know what makes you anxious. Everyone encounters a different kind of anxiety at some point in life.

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What is an anxiety disorder?

Medically, an anxiety disorder can be defined as a psychiatric disorder which includes intense fear or worry that does not go away. Anxiety disorder can trigger and affect your life to the limit that it may hamper your day-to-day activities as well. Anxiety makes you fear more and act less. If you are struggling with any symptoms of anxiety and believe that they are interfering in your life negatively, then seeking treatment may help.

srfaqdpgNervousness, heavy sweating, muscle twitching are some symptoms of anxiety

Some common symptoms of anxiety disorder are:  



-Feelings of danger or panic

-Increased heart rate

-Heavy sweating


-Muscle twitching

Apart from all the anxiety-reducing exercises, treatments and therapies these days, there is scream therapy which is unknown among the people.

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What is scream therapy?

You may experience various painful instances in your lives which may leave an impression on you that subconsciously ends up threatening you, both mentally and emotionally. And for this, scream therapy can prove to be beneficial. Screaming is a prime element of scream therapy, but it is not identical to yelling at someone. It is to let out your frustration or aggression for projection of your emotions. Scream therapy is also known as primal scream therapy. It is a kind of a therapy in which screaming, screeching or hitting something off can help you discharge negative emotions and get rid of it.

Anxiety is a very vast state of mind. Anger and frustration builds up on anxiety. The principal purpose of scream therapy is to connect with the negative sentiment, feel it and release it via screaming, screeching, sobbing or hitting something which is safe and not dangerous for anyone. This therapy is all about releasing all the emotions which you feel when you scream or hit something.

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Theoretically, screaming can prove to be effective in the reduction of anxiety. It can be potentially beneficial for you if you have kept quiet or are silenced by continuous intimidation or torture. It can further help in reducing aggression, feeling of grief or depression. If you are an abuse survivor, who was not able to scream or defend earlier, scream therapy may be helpful for you. This therapy can cure anxiety issues within five or more months. It majorly depends on your condition and when you join the therapy. The duration of the therapy is based on how long you want to carry on with it. The time span of the therapy completely varies from person to person. Anyone from any the financial background can opt for this therapy as the cost is very minimal. 

itff11i8Scream therapy may prove to be useful if one has a feeling of grief, depression

In order to get out of anxiety and anxiety related issues, here are dos and don'ts of scream therapy:


-Consult a primal therapist as soon as you recognize you are suffering from anxiety issues.

-You must check the credentials of the therapist who claims to be a primal therapist.


-Screaming as a way to reveal anger and frustration can be potentially destructive or abusive to those around you. So, it needs to be done under supervision.

-Doing scream therapy without consulting a therapist can cause harm to not only your vocal chords but also can leave you more anxious.

Note: Primal therapy does not work for everyone. If it is not working for you then, you must not force yourself upon doing the therapy.

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