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Ranveer Singh's Trainer Reveals 5 Fat Burning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

All these exercises can be done anytime, without any equipment!

Ranveer Singhs Trainer Reveals 5 Fat Burning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Ranveer Singh was trained by Mustafa Ahmed


  1. Planks strengthen the shoulders, arms and back
  2. Squats are intense exercises that use all the muscles in the legs butt
  3. Bird dog exercises help in strengthening of the core

For us city dwellers, finding the time to hit the gym for our daily dose of exercising is difficult. Early morning meetings and too many deadlines can eat away our time of exercising in the entire day. At times, the only hurdle which comes in between us and our fitness goal is the kind of exercises that can be only done at the gym. Coming to our rescue is none other than Mustafa Ahmed, trainer of our very favourite Ranveer Singh.

Here are 5 exercises which Mustafa suggests, which are extremely helpful in burning fat, and can be done anytime and anywhere.

1. Pull-ups

These are one of the best exercises for strengthening of your arms and back. Involving muscles in the back, they are helpful for overall development of the body. And all you need to find is a bar that can effectively hold your weight. Hold the bar with a grip positioned slightly wider than your shoulders. The hands should be facing the opposite side. Lower yourself and pull yourself up while concentrating on isolating your back and biceps.

pull ups are good for arms and biceps

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2. Push-ups

One of the most popular exercises in the fitness world, push-ups involve moving the body up and down with the help of arms. They are amazing exercises for increasing strength and engage the core of the body with the lower part of the body. The total-body functional movement has lots of variations to it. Push-ups are done by lying down with toes and hands on the floor, the body in one straight line. The abdominal muscles should be stretched in tightly. The primary stretch should be felt on arms and abdominal muscles. Repeat for as many times as you can.

push ups are helpful in building core muscles

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3. Planks

A simple yet extremely tedious-to-do exercise, planks develop strength in the core of the body, that is, the muscles connecting the upper and lower part of the body. They also strengthen the shoulders, arms and back. Standard planks involve no equipment and can be done just anywhere. One needs to hold in a static position by lying on the floor, balancing body weight on knees and toes. The back should be straight and closer to the ground. The exercise is effective when one holds on the position for as long as possible.

planks are core strengthening exercises

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4. Squats

Squats are one of the best exercises for strengthening and toning of the lower part of the body. The exercise is done by standing with head facing forward. The legs should be wide open at the level of shoulders, and arms should be extended forward. Go down in a way that you are sitting on a chair. The back should be straight when you are in movement. The body should be tight while you push your heels. This can be done for 10-20 times depending on your stamina.

squats can make your body curvy

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5. Bird dog exercise

This is one of the best exercises which can help in strengthening of the core. Also known as quadruped, this exercise involves putting your hands on the floor at an angle directly under your shoulders, and your knees directly under your hips. The position is like being on all fours like an animal. Then, the abs need to be pulled in the spine while keeping the back and pelvis in a stable position. Put your right arm forward and left leg backwards. The rib cage should be able to sag towards the floor. Pull the heel of the leg in movement in order to get movement in the back of the leg and the butt. Repeat the same process by putting your left arm forward and right leg backwards. This exercise too can be done anywhere.

bird dog exercises are beneficial exercises

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All these exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. No need to reschedule your entire day just to take out time for the gym. The moment you find yourself free for even half-an-hour, these exercises will make up for your day's workout. 


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