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Ped-I-Pul: Know All About This Latest Pilates Equipment In Celeb Trainer Yasmin's Gym

Ped-I-Pul: Recently, celeb trainer Yasmin Karachiwala shared a video of her working out on a Ped-i-Pul, the newest Pilates equipment in her gym. Click here to know all about the new equipment.

Ped-I-Pul: Know All About This Latest Pilates Equipment In Celeb Trainer Yasmins Gym

Ped-i-Pul is the latest addition in Yasmin Karachiwala's gym


  1. Ped-i-Pul was designed by the Joseph Pilates for stabilising the spine
  2. Ped-i-Pul has the ability to create balanced movement in the body
  3. Ped-i-Pul can strengthen the muscles around the shoulder girdle

Celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala is an expert when it comes to endorsing new and unique forms of fitness. It is her enthusiasm and never ending love for fitness which inspires many of her followers on Instagram to give up on laziness and start working out in an instant. Recently, Yasmin shared a video of her working out on a Ped-i-Pul, the newest Pilates equipment in her gym. In the caption, she mentions how she loves the pole equipment with springs. She writes that it helps her work on correcting and improving her posture.



I love new toys, don't you? The ped-i-pull is our newest addition to #Pilates @yasminbodyimage. I love this pole with springs as it really helps me work on correcting and improving posture. #befitbecauseyoudeserveit #yasminfitnessmantra #YasminsBodyImage #YasminKarachiwala #BeFitwithYasminKarachiwala #Pilates #PediPull #PilatesMasterInstructor #PilatesIndia #BasiPilates #BalancedBody #FletcherPilates #CelebrityTrainer #fitnessgoals #SpinalArticulation #SculptandShape #PilatesFestivalIndia

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The equipment was originally designed by the Joseph Pilates for stabilising and mobilising spine and pelvis, while balancing the shoulder girdle. Ron Fletcher then expanded the original body of work and refined the design of Ped-i-Pul to make it effective for full body placement and safety.

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The course of Fletcher Pilates Ped-i-Pul is more extensive. It includes stabilisation and various range of motion exercises which challenge movement patterns. The Ped-i-Pul is known to provide an ideal standing assessment tool as a Pilates exercise as well as a physical therapy practice.

The Ped-i-Pul consists of a base platform and an upright pole with two springs which have handles. A person exercising on a Ped-i-Pul stands on the platform and centres against the pole. S/he is then supposed to use the handles attached to the spring to do various exercises.

Just like most other Pilates equipment, the Ped-i-Pul too is a complete genius. It has the ability to challenge the body and create efficient and balanced movement. Both simple and advanced exercises can be performed on the Ped-i-Pul.

Some basic benefits of Ped-i-Pul include improving the standing alignment and strengthening the muscles around shoulder girdle. It also helps in fine tuning Pilates breathing and is great for strengthening of core muscles.

In the video, Yasmin illustrates a couple of exercises which can be helpful in improving your posture and alignment.

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As an exercise regime, many celebrities today are swearing by the benefits of Pilates. From Deepika Padukone to Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan, many include Pilates in their fitness regime and the reasons are numerous.

Practicing Pilates can help in relaxing your shoulders, neck and upper back

Pilates help in improving flexibility, balancing muscular strength on both sides of the body, increasing muscle strength, toning of abdominal, lower back, hips and butt muscles, improving posture, improving spine stabilisation, rehabilitating or preventing injuries related to muscle imbalances, relaxing shoulders, neck and upper back and improving physical coordination and balance.

Practicing Pilates regularly can help in relaxing your shoulders, neck and upper back as well. They enable safer rehabilitation of spinal injuries and joints and prevent musculoskeletal injuries. You will experience increased lung capacity and blood circulation through deep breathing which is involved in Pilates movements. A person tends to become more aware of his/her own body and is able to manage stress and relax in a more efficient way.

The additional benefit of doing Pilates is that it is meant for everyone. Exercises can be done by using your own body weight or with the help of various other pieces of equipment.

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A number of stretching exercises are involved in Pilates, where each one of them is performed with special attention to breathing techniques and abdominal muscle control.

In order to benefit from Pilates, you must include it in your fitness regime for 2-3 times in a week.


Pilates is great for working the core and leaning out the body, correcting bad posture and increasing flexibility
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