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Nutritionist Reveals Number Of Veggies You Must Eat A Day

Are you consuming enough veggies in a day? Adding enough season vegetables to your daily diet can benefit your health in more than one way. Read here to know how much you should be consuming and different ways to add these to diet.

Nutritionist Reveals Number Of Veggies You Must Eat A Day

Vegetables are loaded with fibre and can help you maintain a healthy weight


  1. Add enough vegetables to your daily diet
  2. Vegetables can help you ensure a healthy weight
  3. Prepare soups or juices with vegetables

Vegetables should be an essential part of your diet. You might have heard this several times that seasonal vegetables should be a compulsory part of your daily diet. Not just for weight loss, enough intake of vegetables also provide you with essential nutrients that assist in several body functions. Veggies can be added to your diet in several ways. From salads to pizza toppings, you can find creative ways to consume more vegetables in a day. But are you consuming enough veggies in a day? For optimum nutrition, you need to focus on ensuring the right portion size. In this article, expert explains your daily requirement of veggies in a day.

How many vegetables you should eat in a day?

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra explains, "5 cups of veggies a day, keep the doctor away. Put a reminder on your phone because it is extremely important. A plant-based, veggie-rich eating routine is important to keep your body healthy and your mind sharp and focussed."

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Some of the notable health benefits of consuming veggies are-

Vegetables provide you with enough fibre. High fibre keeps your good bacteria levels strong. A healthy gut controls multiple body functions. Fibre also keeps you satisfied for longer and reduces unwanted hunger pangs.

Vegetables are nourishing to your body. Eating veggies offers you a variety of nutrients from plant-based sources and help prevent nutritional deficiencies. "Magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, selenium amongst other key vitamins, boost collagen which helps repair cells faster, keep your cholesterol levels in check so your heart is healthier, nourishes the brain so it remains sharp and relaxed," Batra tells.


You can add a variety of vegetables for better nutrient intake
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5 cups of veggies spread across the day help you feel energised, take care of boredom hunger and help you feel light and relaxed.

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How to include 5 cups of veggies in your diet?

You can have your veggies throughout the day in various forms.

1. Prepare a vegetable juice but do not separate the pulp to keep the fibre intact.

2. You can knead them into your dough or stuff these in roti or parathas

3. Eat a bowl of salad with an interesting dip or hummus (avoid creamy sauces)

4. A warm vegetable soup during the winter season is a delight you cannot afford to miss

5. Replace carbs on your plate with veggies or cooked sabzi

6. Choose your snacks wisely- Cucumbers, radishes and beets are some healthy options to snack on.

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Start having them regularly and watch your health improve!

(Lovneet Batra is a Delhi-based Nutritionist)

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