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Navratri Fasting Tips 2020: Here Are Some Diet Tips You Need To Know

Navratri 2020: During the fasting period make sure that you consume enough nutrients and water throughout the day. Here are some diet tips you can follow to stay healthy during the fasting period.

Navratri Fasting Tips 2020: Here Are Some Diet Tips You Need To Know

Drink enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day


  1. Add more fruits to your diet for optimum fibre intake
  2. Make sure that you consume immunity boosting foods
  3. Prepare healthy delicious at home

Navratri season is ON and this time it's fallen during the lockdown. So, here are some tips to keep the fasting ongoing, and merry even in these testing times. First and foremost is to manage with the given resources. Don't overindulge in reckless celebrations. This time, it is important to keep your resources in check and use them mindfully.

Diet tips for Navratri 2020

1. Keep a diet plan in hand while fasting. Even for those who are not fasting but are observing general Navratri restrictions, should keep an eating schedule and manage wisely, what to consume during the day as well as in the evening. Even for the fasters, a diet plan will help. Since, it gives people a chance to calculate their daily calories, all vital nutrients such as carbs, proteins, fats and fiber.

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2. Since the fasting foods are mostly high carb foods, it's better to keep the quantities in check, as there is not much quantity required. It's better to consume as much as required.

3. Keep yourself well hydrated. It's essential to keep consuming enough water, around 8-12 glasses of water each day. Consume water, preferably while sitting own. Water is the best tool to maximize the health benefits of fasting in the body.


Drink enough water to get rid of toxins
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4. Consume something sweet just once a day. This keeps your mood uplifted during these tough times and consuming just once a day, keeps the intake in check. Some sweets you can enjoy may include lauki ki kheer, gajar ki kheer, lauki ki barfi, pumpkin barfi, coconut ladoos, sago kheer, sama rice kheer etc. These yummy and healthy sweets will ensure happy fasting for all.

5. Keep a stock of fasting foods, stocked up in your homes, just enough to last 9 days. No need to overstock the stuff.

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6. Lower the intake of tea and coffee during the fasting season. This is important, because caffeine not only makes a person feel dehydrated but also, depletes nutrition from the process of digestion in the body. Hence, it is not at all advisable during the fasting days.

7. It is of utmost importance to calculate the calories during these days. People need to consume foods mindfully always and especially during these 9 days.

Enjoy these auspicious Navratri at your homes with family and loved ones.

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(Ms. Preety Tyagi is a Nutritionist and founder of MY22BMI)

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