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National Doctor's Day 2021: Honouring Doctors For Their Spirited Fight Against The Covid-19 Pandemic

National Doctor's Day is observed on 1 July every year. This day celebrates the noble profession of doctors all across the country.

National Doctors Day 2021: Honouring Doctors For Their Spirited Fight Against The Covid-19 Pandemic

National Doctor's Day is celebrated on 1 July every year


  1. National Doctor's Day is celebrated annually on July 1
  2. This day appreciates doctors for their selfless service
  3. Doctors are battling the unprecedented crisis

Healthcare today is more complex than ever. Health professionals play a critical role in improving access and quality health care for the population. With advancements in technology and information, doctors have to diagnose and treat their patients every day. National Doctor's Day is the day to honor the ones who treart us every day. In every city and rural communities, doctors pave the way to better healthcare for their patients. This National Doctors Day 201, we say "thank you" to our physicians for for their dedication and contributions to society and the community.

It is important to appreciate the sacrifices made by medical fraternity to help the state and the country in recovering from the pandemic. The rise in COVID-19 cases has created anxiety among physicians and other healthcare professionals who worry about transferring the virus to their families. While the deadly virus has brought attention to the inadequacies in the health-care systems across the globe, doctors and health-care workers have been risking their lives to serve the community. Doctors have been leading the battle against Covid-19.This National Doctors' Day, let's salute the true warriors of the COVID-19 pandemic, who work on the frontline to ensure patients recovery.

There are instances when doctors and nurses who work at the COVID-19 ward stay away from their homes for almost 3-4 weeks. Emotionally it is a very distressing time for doctors; they can neither talk nor have a comfort living with their own families, in the fear of transmitting the virus. Doctors are serving the community leaving behind back their family, to ensure they remain safe rather than exposing them to the virus. After almost every shift when they head back home, they are in distress. The work environment is exhausting, and some medical professionals don't even get to go home. They constantly challenge fears and rise up to work even at the darkest hours of psychological turmoil.

Health care workers have been making tough calls about how often it's safe to move between hospitals and clinics and homes full of people who might otherwise never be exposed to the disease. Providing them with adequate PPE kits is very essential to safeguard the frontline workers and their families as well.

The stories of the medical heroes putting themselves on the forefront to fight the virus are inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. They deserve all the appreciation and support. The sacrifice of doctors and healthcare workers across the globe is highly appreciable. The respect for healthcare professionals has grown manifold in the hearts of people.

While we are self-isolating ourselves, it is the doctors who are constantly fighting for the lives of people who have been infected with the deadly virus and exposing themselves. It has never been more important to appreciate the efforts that doctors make to ensure that we appropriately recover from whatever may be ailing us and continue to remain healthy.

(Dr Jaikishen Agiwal, Cluster Head - North Karnataka (Oncology) HCG Cancer Hospital)

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