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Mental Fitness: 5 Brain Exercises That Can Help Keep You Mentally Sharp

Just like your body your brain too needs exercising. Read here to know five simple exercises you must try.

Mental Fitness: 5 Brain Exercises That Can Help Keep You Mentally Sharp

Solving puzzles can help you strengthen your brain


  1. Regular exercise is beneficial to your mental health
  2. Control stress for a healthy mind and body
  3. Your diet also affects your mental health

Physical fitness, muscle training, weight training, cardio or warm up- you might have heard of these terms quite a few times. Have you ever heard about mental fitness or brain exercises? Your brain is involved in every activity you perform in a day. Your brain needs some care too. The more challenging tasks you offer to your brain, the better it is supposed to function. Several researches elaborate on the different ways to sharpen your brain. In this article, here are some simple activities that are known to sharpen your brain also known as brain exercises.

Brain exercises you should try

1. Learn a new skill

Learning something new is fun as well as challenging to the brain. According to studies, learning new things can improve memory. It will also train your brain to learn new things.

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2. Meditate

Meditation has a positive impact on your mind as well as body. It reduces stress and leaves a calming effect on your mind and body. Studies have shown that meditation is beneficial to your brain.


Regular meditation can help reduce stress and ensure better sleep
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3. Solve a puzzle or other brain training games

A variety of puzzle and brain training games are available both online and offline. These exercises increase mental flexibility and sharpen your brain. Solving puzzles is beneficial to your cognitive abilities, as per studies.

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4. Listen to music

Something as simple as listening to music is also helpful in enhancing mental fitness. A study published in 2017, described that listening to happy tunes is beneficial to your brain health. You might have also noticed several times that listening to good music improves your mood.

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5. Try writing with the non-dominant hand

Something simple yet changeling like writing with the non-dominant hands is good for your brain. You can try writing, eating or brushing with your other hand.

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