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Lockdown Tips: Here's A Step-By-Step Guide To Try Headstands At Home

Lockdown health tips: Inversions can help you get a flatter stomach, improve blood circulation and prevent premature greying of hair. Read here to know how you can safely do a headstand at home.

Lockdown Tips: Heres A Step-By-Step Guide To Try Headstands At Home

Headstands are especially important for women above the age of 40


  1. If you are a beginner, you can try doing gentler versions of inversions
  2. These include downward dog, standing forward folds, etc
  3. Headstands involve core strength and can help you have a flatter stomach

Inversions are an important part of yoga. They are known to improve blood circulation, improve immunity and prevent illness. You need more than just strength and flexibility to perform inversions in yoga. It can take weeks, even months of daily practice. The moment one thinks of an inversion, it is usually characterised by an asana which involves being upside down. Headstands, handstands, forearm stands and shoulder stands are the asanas that usually come to mind when it comes to inversions. However, there are gentler variations of inversions, like downward dog, standing forward folds, legs up the wall, etc, which beginners can try before trying actual inversions.

Lockdown tips: Health benefits of headstands (inversions)

If you are a beginner and you want to practice a headstand (shirsana), all that you need is a wall, a yoga mat and a blanket. "If you are a woman, you cannot afford to not do a headstand. It is especially important for women above the age of 40," says Rujuta Diwekar in one of her recent IGTVs.

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Following are some benefits of doing headstands regularly:

  • A headstand can prevent premature greying of hair.
  • It can help in keeping your brain and all other sensory organs active, alive and alert.
  • It helps improving the health of ovaries.
  • Regular practice can be beneficial for your skin as well.
  • It involves core strength and can help you get a flatter stomach.

Doing headstands regularly can help you have a flatter stomach
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Step-by-step guide to do inversions

Step 1: Remove your watch, rings, spectacles etc. Keep all these things far away from the mat.

Step 2: Fold your mat twice into halves. Place the closed side near to the wall. You can also use a blanket if it's more comfortable.

Step 3: Sit in vajrasana with the mat or blanket in front of you. You need to sit in between the wall and the mat.

Step 4: Open your knees out, bend forward, place your elbows on the mat. Open your fingers out so that your arms are completely on the mat.

Step 5: Interlock your fingers. Place your elbows below your shoulders.

Step 6. Place the crown of your head on the mat. To know where the crown is, keep the base of your palm on the tip of your nose. Where your finger touches, it is the centre of your head or the crown which needs to be on the mat. You can also put the thumb of your hands in the years. The point where the middle fingers meet on the head is the crown.

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Step 7: Place your head down. Lift your knees off the floor.

Step 8: Start walking closer towards your face. Use your toes. Make sure your thighs are against your stomach. Now try to lift one leg up and the other leg up.

Step 9: If possible, lift both your legs up, while they are folded. You can practice to reach this step by planking and lifting them repeatedly. If this step seems difficult, just try to come close to your face and lift alternate legs.

Step 10: Be slightly close to the wall now. Take the help of the wall to climb further upwards. Try to maintain balance with legs folded. Now slowly open your pelvis and try to lift your legs up straight.

Preparation steps for beginners #iyengaryoga #lockdown

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Come down slowly, take wall's support. Use this lockdown period to push your limits and do the asanas you never were able to do.

Stay indoors and stay safe everyone!

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