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Know The Symptoms Of Hypocalcaemia (Low Calcium Levels)

Calcium deficiency is known as hypocalcaemia. As you age, your risk of developing hypocalcaemia increases.

Know The Symptoms Of Hypocalcaemia (Low Calcium Levels)

Calcium deficiency is known as hypocalcaemia


  1. Calcium deficiency is known as hypocalcaemia
  2. In children, low calcium levels can interfere with growth
  3. Calcium deficiencies could affect your eyes and heart

Calcium is essential for your body. It is that vital nutrient which keeps your bones and teeth strong. Not to forget its ability to keep your heart healthy and muscles functioning properly. Now that you know how important vital is for the body, you surely can fathom what its deficiency could do to you. Calcium deficiency is known as hypocalcaemia. As you age, your risk of developing hypocalcaemia increases. Hence, it is important for you to increase your calcium intake with age. Women need to boost their daily calcium intake earlier than men because calcium deficiency is more common in women. Moreover, its risk increases when a woman moves towards menopause. In children, low calcium levels can interfere with growth. The best way to know if you are suffering from hypocalcaemia is to know its symptoms.

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Here's a list of the 5 most common symptoms of low calcium levels.

1. Muscle spasms/ tingling sensation

Hypocalcaemia starts with some basic symptoms like tingling sensation in the toes, lips, and fingertips. It can later progress to become painful muscle spasms. Another classic sign of low calcium levels is Chvostek's sign. Under this condition, the facial muscles twitch in response to a tapping facial nerve. In some cases, your hands may even assume a completely different posture with extended fingers and flexed wrists.

2. Depression and confusion

A person suffering from hypocalcaemia will show symptoms like confusion, seizures, depression, irritability, psychosis, and changes in personality. Acute calcium deficiency may result in some neurological conditions as well.


Depression is a symptom
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3. Rough, dry skin and brittle nails

Hypocalcaemia sometimes shows its symptoms in nails and the skin. You may start experiencing a dry and rough skin. However, it is also a symptom of eczema and psoriasis. So don't conclude that you have a calcium deficiency. Nevertheless, it won't hurt to check. You may also experience weak and ridged nails and dry, weak hair.


Brittle nails is a symptom of hypocalcaemia
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4. Poor heart and eye function

Calcium deficiencies could affect your eyes. It could lead to problems like poor vision and cataract. And it does not end here; calcium deficiencies can be potentially harmful to your heart. It could lead to cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. However, this can be prevented with calcium supplementation.

hypocalcaemiaPoor heart function is a symptom

5. Frequent bone fractures

Calcium is that element which ensures stronger bones. Hypocalcaemia or low calcium levels usually results in weaker bones. This way you become more susceptible to fractures.

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For treatment, you can take calcium and vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D supplements improve your body's ability to absorb calcium which is why they are recommended with calcium.

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