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Try This Jeera And Ajwain Tea To Get Rid Of Bloating, Gas And Acidity Once And For All

Jeera and ajwain tea: Constant acidity, gas and bloating giving you a hard time? Give up the pills and try this natural metabolism and digestion boosting drink made with simple kitchen ingredients like jeera and ajwain.

Try This Jeera And Ajwain Tea To Get Rid Of Bloating, Gas And Acidity Once And For All

Jeera and ajwain are commonly used ingredients for getting relief from acidity


  1. Ajwain is an age-old remedy for indigestion
  2. Jeera water can help in reducing bloating
  3. Fennel seeds can facilitate better digestion of food

People who experience acidity regularly know how difficult it can be to cope up with it. Acidity or acid reflux may be caused because of eating large meals or lying down directly after a meal, being overweight, smoking, pregnancy, snacking close to your bedtime, regular consumption of alcohol, caffeinate drinks like tea and coffee, to name a few. The most common symptom of acidity is heartburn-a burning pain or discomfort that can move up to your stomach, to your abdomen and chest. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho says that the root cause of acidity, bloating, constipation and other symptoms of indigestion are signs of poor gut health.

In one his recent posts on Instagram, he talks about a metabolism and digestion boosting drink, that can help you get relief from acidity. This drink is simple to be prepared at home. It makes use of some common kitchen ingredients which have been known for their numerous health benefits.

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Metabolism and digestion boosting drink that can ease acidity: Jeera and ajwain water

For preparing this drink, you need to take a glass jar and add 1 litre water to it. Add cumin seeds (jeera) (2 tbsp), coriander seeds (1 tsp), fennel seeds (1 tsp) and carom seeds (ajwain) (1 tsp). Leave it overnight and strain.


Jeera and ajwain tea can reduce bloating and acidity
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Drink this water jeera and ajwain water every day in morning to improve metabolism, digestion and reduce acidity.

Another alternative of having this drink daily is by boiling the mixture left over night, reduce it to half and then consume it like tea. In order to enhance the taste or add some flavour to it, you can add grated ginger, some parsley or lemon to the drink. These ingredients can also enhance the effect of this drink on your metabolism and digestion.


You can add ginger to the tea for additional flavour and effect
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If you want to sweeten the taste, add some honey or jaggery powder to the ajwain and jeera water or tea.

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Health benefits of this metabolism boosting drink

  1. Ajwain or carom seeds has been the age-old home remedy for all kinds of stomach problems, including gas and constipation. Ajwain contains active enzymes that can help in promoting digestive disorders. A common practice is to chew ajwain seeds with warm water when acidity is troubling you. Antioxidant and antifungal properties of ajwain can help in fighting bacteria and fungi. It has also be found to be beneficial for regulating cholesterol and blood pressure as well.
  2. Jeera or cumin seeds is another common kitchen ingredient with powerful digestion boosting properties. You can simply consume jeera infused water every day and it can help in reducing acidity, bloating and indigestion. It can also act as pain reliever during stomach or abdominal pain. Cumin water possesses the capability of secreting digestive enzymes. This is what boosts digestion and improves overall gut health.
  3. Speaking of other ingredients of the digestive drink shared by Luke, it also contains fennel seeds and coriander seeds, and other optional ingredients like ginger, parsley and lemon. All of these are together great digestive agents that can reduce acidity, bloating and constipation effectively.
  4. Try this drink for yourself and let us know in the comments how it works for you.

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(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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