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It's The Fletcher Towel Workout That Gave Katrina, Alia The Oomph! Know All About It

Fletcher towel workout are helpful for body posture and balance, and also improvises our breathing technique. They are like a portable gym as one can work out anytime, anywhere with them.

Its The Fletcher Towel Workout That Gave Katrina, Alia The Oomph! Know All About It

Celebrities like Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt have been seen doing Fletcher towel workouts


  1. Fletcher pilates are about understanding what the body needs.
  2. The exercises create a transitional ease between movements.
  3. The exercises can be tweaked for both standing and sitting exercises.

Guess what our Bollywood celebrities like Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt are getting fit on! Yes, you heard that right...it's a towel! Here's debunking all excuses to not hit the gym because now, a fletcher towel can help bringing a stretch on your chest and a lift to your body, and can make up for your daily routine of pilates.

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The history

Originally developed to teach basic shoulder girdle stabilisation, Ron Fletcher's towel workout was once a highly focused and concentrated application. It has now evolved into a total body movement workout.

Fletcher pilates are all about understanding what the body needs and responding to it. It helps in making the body more aware of its movements and strengthens the core muscles of the body.

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How it works

One needs to hold a thoroughly-twisted towel, and perform stretching exercises along with inhaling and exhaling. The focus of these exercises is on the positioning of hands, shoulders, feet and thighs, and creating a transitional ease between movements.

The technique of these towel workouts is flexible in a way that it can be easily tweaked in both sitting and standing exercises. The techniques begin with basic easy-to-do exercises and progresses to more graceful movements which result in spine correction and proper posture. A single braided towel is used to carry out this set of exercises. The exercises can be carried out with regular bathing towels as well. One can fold the towel into half until it becomes like a thick rope and then twist the towel like the Fletcher towel.

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Our Bollywood divas Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt have often shared posts on Instagram where they are seen doing the Fletcher towel workout along with celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. According to Katrina, Fletcher towel workouts are like a portable gym which you can carry anywhere.

Other benefits of Fetcher towel workout
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  •     Boosts the retraction and depression of shoulder girdle
  •     Directly impacts the anterior shoulder and chest muscles
  •     Positively influences head posture
  •     Enables the cervical spine to carry out a range of motions
  •     Prepares the shoulder girdle for heavy weight bearing exercises

Effect of Fletcher towel workout on breathing

Fletcher towel workout improvises on our breathing technique by giving it a definitive form of percussion breathing. The technique divides regular breathing into short bursts of inhale and exhale exercises which are often accompanied by short bursts of sound. Percussive breathing helps in making the body more alive and aware.


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