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It's Tea Time! Sip On These Powerful Teas To Stay Lean And Fit This Monsoon

Monsoon diseases: Here's a list of teas that can give a boost to your immunity, reduce inflammation and prevent you from falling sick during the rainy season. You cannot miss this one!

Its Tea Time! Sip On These Powerful Teas To Stay Lean And Fit This Monsoon

Green tea can aid weight loss and maintain good health during monsoon


  1. Fennel tea has anti-inflammatory properties
  2. Ginger tea can offer relief from sore throat
  3. Tulsi tea can help in countering metabolic stress

After days of scorching heat, it's finally time to sip on some warm and comforting teas, thanks to monsoon. Not only will they soothe and comfort you, some of them can also provide health benefits like reduced inflammation, severity of sore throat, cold and much more. In this article, we talk about some powerful teas that can keep you fit and healthy this rainy season. These plant, herbs and spice based teas have been used for medicinal purposes since many ages. They contain powerful plant compounds or phytochemicals that can prevent oxidative damage and inflammation. Their anti-inflammatory properties can also be helpful in reducing pain and prevent diseases related to inflammation.

Powerful teas to prevent you from falling sick during monsoon

1. Green tea

No wonder green tea tops the list of teas that can prevent you from falling sick during monsoon. Green tea is made from the same shrub as black tea, only that it's leaves are processed differently, thus contributing to their green colour. Green tea contains polyphenols with anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve flare-ups caused by ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease or Irritable Bowel Disease. Green tea has also been found to be beneficial for weight loss and heart health.

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2. Tulsi tea

Tulsi or holy basil tea is referred to as adaptogenic herb in alternative medicine. It can help in countering environmental, metabolic and emotional stress. These three factors are often the prime cause of inflammation. Tulsi tea has anti-inflammatory properties and can be beneficial in reducing blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Tulsi tea can keep you warm and healthy during monsoon.


Tulsi can be added to masala chai
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3. Ginger tea

Ginger is a powerful spice with antioxidant properties that may already have been benefitting you in case you include ginger regularly in your diet. Healthline mentions that ginger contains as many as 50 antioxidant compounds that can reduce inflammation in the body. Ginger has is slightly spicy and makes for an amazing tea. Grated ginger can be added to masala chai, or you can make ginger honey and lemon tea for its soothing and immunity boosting effects.

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4. Fennel tea

Fennel seeds can be added to your masala chai. Or you can make a fennel tea along with other herbs and spices of your choice and add honey to it. Fennel is full of antioxidant phenolic compounds that can help in reducing menstrual pain and maintain health during monsoon.


Adding fennel seeds to your tea can be helpful during monsoon
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5. Turmeric tea

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric that offers an array of health benefits. Curcumin reduces inflammation and pain by interrupting that pathways that cause it. Turmeric tea can offer relief from arthritis pain, joint pain and muscle soreness after exercising. It can also help you recover quickly from cough and cold. This monsoon, turmeric tea can be your go-to drink!

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