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International Yoga Day 2020: Here's How Yoga Can Improve Your Mental Health

International Yoga Day 2020: Mental health issues are quite common these days. But many are not aware of different methods to fight these. Yoga can help you beat mental health issues. Read here to know how.

International Yoga Day 2020: Heres How Yoga Can Improve Your Mental Health

International Yoga Day 2020: Practice yoga to reduce the symptoms of mental health issues


  1. Yoga can help you control several health issues naturally
  2. You can beat stress with the help of yoga
  3. Practicing yoga every day will boost both mental and physical health

The human mind needs regular care like a plant. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises are spiritual practices that can help to cultivate positivity in the mind. From too much stress to depression, these mental health issues affect many today. It is important to tackle all emotions like happiness, sadness, stress and anxiety in a balanced manner.

International Yoga Day 2020: Yoga to boost mental health

Yoga teaches you acceptance

Yoga practitioners will have experienced times when they find it hard to stay in a pose for long. Difficult or challenging asanas will tempt you to come out of the pose because it's uncomfortable, or it brings up difficult emotions that you cannot handle. The physical aspect of the yoga practice in the form of asanas teaches one the kind of acceptance you need to handle those situations. By leaning to connect with your breath, yoga teaches you to notice yourself and to accept your current situation, no matter how it makes you feel.

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The power of self-talk

In order to lead a stress-free life, you can also imbibe the practice of walk, and self-talk - walking is considered as a therapeutic activity that has benefits for both the mind as well as the body. Find a few minutes every day for a walk around your office or neighbourhood block. When you practise introspection, and hold a conversation with yourself it will help you clear your mind for solutions.

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Gratitude increases mental strength

Gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression. This keeps stress at bay, improves one's appetite, and motivates you towards self-care. Gratitude reflects a deep mental strength inside you. It is a reservoir of positive experiences, happy memories, good thoughts, valuable lessons, enriching experiences and a storehouse of quiet wisdom. Gratitude teaches you that negative feelings and experiences are all a part and parcel of what life has to offer us. While being grateful is not a shield against failure, it is simply awareness that the unpleasantness is not permanent.

Practice this Meditation Technique-

Swaas Dhyan


  1. Sit in a comfortable posture (such as Sukhasana, Ardha Padmasana or Padmasana)
  2. Place your palms on your knees facing up (Prapthi Mudra)
  3. Straighten your back and close your eyes
  4. The time you take to inhale and exhale should be in a ratio of 6:6, i.e., if you inhale in six counts, you need to exhale in six counts
  5. Focus on your breath entering and then leaving your nostrils as you inhale and exhale

Focus on your breathing pattern to reduce stress
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Be an observer of your flow of thoughts by not resisting them initially and letting them flow. Gradually, keep shifting your awareness to your breathing until you reach a point where your complete focus is on your inhalation and exhalation with your mind almost completely devoid of thoughts.

Disha/direction: Face towards East


  • Brings your mind to the present and makes you more aware
  • Reduces stress
  • You will experience calmness
  • Clears your mind of unwanted thoughts

Make awareness your strength

If you have observed, then you will know that when you're anxious, you are unable to focus on anything because you feel overwhelmed by emotions. By teaching you to connect with your breath, yoga teaches awareness, a very useful tool for people who struggle with mental health issues.

(Grand Master Akshar is a Yoga Master, Spiritual Guide and Lifestyle Coach)

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