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International Yoga Day 2017: Five Easy To Use Yoga Apps

Yoga, is to relax the body, strengthen the immune system improve concentration and more, is becoming increasingly popular. If you've never practised yoga, it's worth giving it a try and is now you be able to enjoy your sessions with just a click away!

International Yoga Day 2017: Five Easy To Use Yoga Apps

Yoga day 2017: The free cost of yoga applications will enhance knowledge about healthy lifestyle

The Centre launched the 'Celebrating Yoga' mobile App two days ahead of the International Yoga Day to provide common interface to all the Yoga enthusiasts around the world to connect to each other and get information about the nearby events related to Yoga. This initiative taken under the department of science and technology (Government of India) is a sign that 'Yoga' is gradually becoming an essential part of people's daily routine and is also slowly entering the realms of telehealth. With Yoga turning into mobile apps, it has now become easier for the users to learn and practice Yoga without having to spend a lot of time as well as money for Yoga training sessions.

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The free of cost mobile applications also enhance knowledge on the healthy lifestyle, food habits and healthcare. Chosen on the parameters of their special features, accessibility and how user friendly they are, here are the top five mobile applications which can be accessed anytime and anywhere-

1. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is the most used mobile App with 500+ yoga poses and focuses on meditation, relaxation and weight loss. The poses are clearly described and shown repeatedly in HD video format.

2. Pocket Yoga

Packed with a set of 10-15 Yoga poses, this application puts major emphasis on non-tiring Yoga poses. A big hit among the beginners, the poses act as an excellent stress reliever.

3. Pranayama free

Pranayama free is aimed at breathing exercises and meditations. The app allows user to take both advanced as well as beginner level courses and is designed by doctors and healthcare specialists.

4. Down Dog

This app provides you with new set of 'vinyasa' yoga poses everytime you finish a pre-scheduled Yoga set. The high quality videos are supported with sounds that goes well with the kind of the asanas taught in the video.

5. 30 day fit challenge workout

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This App is primarily aimed at reducing your weight in a 30 day time span. The Yoga poses and exercises are set as per your age and weight and also keeps a check on your daily food intake.

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