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High Blood Pressure: 5 Ways To Manage Your Numbers Without Medication

High blood pressure: Following a healthy diet with no processed food and weight loss are a few of the many effective yet underrated lifestyle measures that can help in managing hypertension without medication.

High Blood Pressure: 5 Ways To Manage Your Numbers Without Medication

Losing even 5% of your body weight can significantly lower blood pressure


  1. Quitting smoking can modestly lower blood pressure
  2. Being physically active can also be of great help
  3. Weight loss can help in lowring your blood pressure numbers

High blood pressure is quite common in India. Management of this condition requires the patient to have medication on a daily basis. But did you know that hypertension can be managed with a few lifestyle measures too? High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and several other problems related to lifestyle. A lot of these conditions can be prevented with the help of a few basic and simple lifestyle measures like being physically active, following a healthy diet and limiting alcohol intake.

How to control blood pressure numbers with lifestyle change

According to cardiologist Dr R. Todd Hurst For a patient who has high blood pressure (but no co-morbidities like diabetes, being a smoker or history of heart disease, stroke or multiple cardiac risk factors) a three-month lifestyle change as an initial treatment, can be recommended.

"For many of my patients, the potential to avoid being on medication for the rest of their lives is a strong motivator, and they appreciate the sense of control they have over their health," he wrote on a WebMD blog.

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Here are the specific areas in terms of lifestyle that Dr Hurst recommend for keeping blood pressure under control:

1. Healthy diet

Processed foods are off the table for high blood pressure patients. Watch your salt intake and remember that most of the salt in your diet comes from processed foods and foods from restaurants or local eateries.

2. Weight loss

Losing even 5% of your body weight can significantly lower blood pressure. When you manage to lose 10% of your body weight, it can improve other health conditions as well. Avoid following restrictive diets and work towards creating better habits, which you can continue in the long run as well.


Losing weight and being physically active can help in managing blood pressure without medication
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3. Physical activity

Devote an hour or so to exercise regularly but also be physically active throughout the day, with no or very less long hours of sitting. Dr Hurst says that even modest level of physical activity can bring significant difference in your blood pressure. Start slow and do not rush into your goals. Begin with walking 10 minutes in a day. According to the American Heart Association, 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in a week is needed to be fit and healthy.

4. Quit smoking

Quitting smoking or cutting down the number of cigarettes you take in a day can modestly lower blood pressure and dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease in future.

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5. Limit alcohol intake

Well, quitting it entirely will definitely be of better help. But even if you cut down on how much you drink, it can help in managing blood pressure well. According to a study conducted by American College of Cardiology, people who drank 7-13 drinks per week 53% more likely to have stage 1 hypertension. Those who drank more than 14 drinks per week were at 69% higher risk of high blood pressure, the study further mentioned.

All of these underrated lifestyle measures can bring huge results in managing your condition better at home. Do check with your health care provider for more details.

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