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High Blood Pressure: 10 Things To Keep In Mind For Measuring Your Numbers At Home

High blood pressure: Avoid checking your blood pressure when you are too stressed. If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, check once in morning and once in evening every day. Know more important tips here.

High Blood Pressure: 10 Things To Keep In Mind For Measuring Your Numbers At Home

Take two or three readings every time you check blood pressure at home


  1. Check BP once in the morning before eating and the second in evening
  2. Do not measure your numbers right after you wake up
  3. Avoid taking medications before measuring your blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, then checking your numbers regularly is an important part of managing it. The American Heart Association recommends that anyone who has high blood pressure must monitor their blood pressure at home. It helps in keeping a tab on your numbers, given the diet and lifestyle that you have been following. It also ensures if the medication that you are taking for managing is hypertension is working effectively or not. Monitoring BP at home can help you talk to your doctor about any potential health complications as well.

Monitoring your blood pressure at home: Tips to consider

You can monitor your condition at home with the help of a digital blood pressure monitor or a sphygmomanometer for taking readings manually. Here are some more tips to consider for monitoring your blood pressure at home.

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1. Before buying a BP monitor for checking your numbers, it is advised to get it validated from your doctor for accuracy. Do get the monitor to the doctor's office once a year to compare the readings with the ones taken by the doctor.

2. Also have the doctor watch you use the device to be doubly sure that you are doing it properly.


Get your blood pressure monitor validated by a doctor for accuracy
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3. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, then begin with diagnosing twice daily. Check once in the morning before eating and the second in evening.

4. Every time you are checking, take two or three readings and then calculate the average. Wait for one to three minutes after taking the first reading and the take the next one.

5. Do not measure your numbers right after you wake up. Also avoid eating before you check or taking your medications.

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6. Go to the toilet first before taking your readings. Measuring blood pressure in a full bladder can increase your numbers slightly.

7. Do not measure when you are too stressed. "At this point of time, your blood pressure is definitely going to be on the higher side," says cardiologist Dr Sameer Gupta while asserting that measuring your blood pressure at the right point of time is important.

8. While using the monitor, sit quietly. Relax your legs. Ankles should be uncrossed. Try to be calm mentally as well. Do not talk while taking your readings.

9. Make sure your arm is placed properly. Use the same arm every time you measure blood pressure. Rest your arm raised to the level of heart. Rest it on a table or chair arm.

10. Place the cuff on bare skin and not over clothing. Preferably, slip your arm out of the sleeve.

For any additional assistance or queries, contact your doctor.

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(Dr Sameer Gupta is Interventional Cardiologist at Metro Hospital, Noida and MP Heart Clinic, Greater Kailash)

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