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Here's Why Kareena Swears By Planks And Why You Should Do Them Too

Kareena Kapoor Khan was recently seen mastering planks along with her trainer Namrata Purohit. Here's why you too should involve planks in your fitness regime.

Heres Why Kareena Swears By Planks And Why You Should Do Them Too

Kareena along planking around with her trainer Namrata Purohit


  1. Planks are helpful in improving the posture of the body
  2. Planks are helpful in relieving back pain
  3. Doing planks involve muscles in the back, shoulder, abs and neck

Baby Taimur just turned 1, and we can't stop getting awestruck by his cuteness. And on the other hand, there's the very scintillating Kareena Kapoor Khan who leaves no stone unturned in inspiring her fans and all mums-to-be with her fitness regime and the way she got back in shape post her pregnancy. In one of the most recent posts, we saw the Veere Di Wedding girl mastering the very tedious planks like a pro, along with her trainer Namrata Purohit. We got to know about Kareena's superb planking skills with the help of Namrata's post on Instagram, which was captioned as: "Kareena and I just planking around."

So, what is the reason that our beloved Geet swears by planks?

As an exercise, planks involve holding our body off the ground, ensuring that we maintain a position in which our back is as low as possible and is straight up on the ground.

Doing planks involves a great deal of strength and endurance in your back, abs and the core. One needs to hold in the position for as long as possible to get a far better posture and body balance.

Here are some of the other benefits of doing planks:

1. Planks help in toning of the belly

For all those who aspire to have that six-pack abs look, doing planks works wonders for them. Shedding extra fat from the body is a given in this case. Besides, planks help in strengthening the abdominal muscles while tightening the middle section of the body.

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2. Plank relieve from pain in the back

Since planks help in strengthening of the core muscles, they automatically help in effectively reducing the pain in the back. Also, they strengthen the muscles in the back, especially the ones in our upper back.

3. Planks garner flexibility

The posterior group of muscles becomes more flexible after doing planks. Planks makes the muscles around shoulders blades, shoulders and collar bone, expand and stretch to a great extent. Doing side planks bring the same benefit to the sides of the body.

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4. Doing planks boosts our mood

Because of the stretching involved in planks, the exercise ultimately leads to relaxation of muscles of the body. They release the muscle tension which in turn uplifts our spirit and makes us feel more positive and happy.

5. Planks improve body posture and balance

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The key to succeed in doing planks is by working on the stability and ensuring to stay in the planking position for as long as possible. Also, one needs to make their abs straight and tight while doing planks. All in all, planks engage all the muscles in our back, chest, shoulders, abs and neck. Doing planks regularly will help one sit up straight with ease. 

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